Apple TV 4k: the streaming box talks to the iPhone to give you a better picture

Apple TV 4k: the streaming box talks to the iPhone to give you a better picture

Dominik Bärlocher
Zurich, on 20.04.2021
Translation: Octavia Hurst
Ted Lasso is entering its second season and is supposed to look better than ever on Apple TV 4k. If your iPhone is watching too, then your TV picture will be better.

Apple's tvOS is the strongest TV operating system ever, according to the Apple Spring Loaded event. That's why the hardware of the Apple TV 4k streaming box is getting an upgrade. The best thing about this: the Apple Streaming Box will adjust the output to the TV so that any weaknesses in the picture are corrected.

Your iPhone is watching

For Apple TV to do 4k image correction, you need an iPhone 12. When you start the image test of the TV accessory powered by the A12 Bionic system-on-a-chip (SoC), you hold the iPhone to the screen. That's the shining moment of your smartphone's cameras. They look at the picture on the TV screen and transmit the data to the box. The box then corrects the colours and the result should be a more lifelike image.

New remote control

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The remote control of the Apple TV 4k has also been overhauled, but still resembles itself. The edge of the round top control element has been completely covered. Feeling nostalgic, Apple has borrowed something from the iPod's scroll wheel. You can fast-forward through your show with a spinning motion.

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