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Angry Birds: From smartphone game to animated movie

Irene Portmann
Zurich, on 28.04.2016
“Angry Birds – The movie” is coming to Swiss cinemas on May 12th. The animated film is based on the smartphone game of the same name created by Finnish video game developers Rovio Entertainment. All parts of the game combined were downloaded over a mind-blowing three billion times. Now, the flightless birds have made it to Hollywood.

The story is about angry outsider Red and his feisty team. Their island is visited by a bunch of green pigs that appear to be up to no good. Now it’s up to Red and his friends to vent all their anger and catapult themselves all over the place.

Are you a bit of a hothead and should be in an anger management? Or just want to sport Red’s eyebrows for a day? makes it possible.

The site is loads of fun and the movie trailer is quite promising, too. But can you really base a story on a game and turn it into a 90-minute animated movie? Yes, says Sony Pictures and has hired screenwriter Jon Vitti – one of the writers of “The Simpsons Movie” – to write the screenplay. But isn’t this movie quite frankly four years late? After all, the game was released for iOS back in 2009 when it sky-rocketed and became a worldwide success. The developers made it available for other smartphone users soon after. Meanwhile, follow-up products such as computer games and a TV series have followed. And now there’s the movie.

Is the hype over or will the movie rekindle the masses’ love for the Angry Birds? We’ll just have to wait and see. In case the latter applies, we’ve put together some of the coolest fan articles for you:

Angry Birds King Pig's Castle (75826)
LEGO Angry Birds King Pig's Castle (75826)
Angry Birds Toons Season 1-Volume 1 (Blu-ray)
Angry Birds Toons Season 1-Volume 1 (Blu-ray)

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Irene Portmann
Irene Portmann
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