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Adieu CO2: Digitec Galaxus introduce climate-neutral shopping

Customers at digitec and Galaxus can now shop climate neutrally by making a voluntary contribution to compensate for the emissions of CO2, methane, nitrous oxide etc. caused by their online purchases. The underlying carbon footprint calculator factors in the value chain – from sourcing the raw materials to home delivery.

As of now, shopping at digitec and Galaxus can be done carbon neutrally. Thanks to a voluntary fee paid at the checkout, customers of both online shops have the possibility to contribute towards climate protection. The amount of the fee varies depending on the product. Digitec Galaxus developed the calculation model together with ETH spin-off and climate solution provider South Pole. The calculator takes into account the entire value chain – all the way from sourcing the raw materials to doorstep delivery.

A representative survey conducted by the market research institute GfK revealed that every third person in Switzerland would like to be able to compensate the CO2 emissions caused by their online purchase directly in the shop. Under thirties and high earners are particularly open to this compensation solution. «More and more people would like to do their bit against climate change – also when they’re shopping,» says Florian Teuteberg, CEO at Digitec Galaxus. «Our job is to provide information, create transparency and give shoppers the option to make their buy climate neutral.»

Climate contributions made by Digitec Galaxus customers will go towards projects certified by South Pole. Some of them are listed below.

Forest conservation and community: 

Renewable energy / Energy efficiency

 «I hope our initiative gets many customers on board,» Teuteberg adds.

The footprint determines the contribution

Digitec Galaxus applies the following formula to calculate the voluntary fee:

CO2 compensation = product carbon footprint in CO2 tons * price of compensating one ton of CO2, whereby emissions of other greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide or fluorocarbons are shown equivalently in tons of CO2.

The sourcing of raw materials, production, sale and home delivery are all taken into account. To determine a product’s CO2 footprint, the carbon calculator primarily takes a look at the product group, product weight, price and the manufacturer behind it. Provided that the information is available, the composition of materials is also considered in the calculation. What’s more, the calculation model is continuously improved. Two factors that are currently not taken into account are the use and the disposal of the products. More information on the model is available here:

  • Behind the scenes

    Our climate compensation model

    by Alex Hämmerli

Whether they’re buying a laptop, a blender or a sofa – customers can see the carbon footprint of their purchase as soon as they put the items into their shopping cart. Anybody wanting to make up for the carbon footprint of their shopping can do so at the checkout.

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Solar panels on the roof of the Digitec Galaxus warehouse in Wohlen (AG)

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