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Garden chairs

Garden chairsGarden chairs

Garden tables + Balcony tables

Garden tables + Balcony tablesGarden tables + Balcony tables

Floor cushions

Floor cushionsFloor cushions

Garden side table + garden trolley

Garden side table + garden trolleyGarden side table + garden trolley



Bar stools

Bar stoolsBar stools

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Nardi designs and manufactures high quality outdoor furniture based on resin of captivating design for residential and contract. Each product is designed to offer maximum comfort and relaxation and is produced in the immediate vicinity.
The high quality resin is processed with advanced systems and manufactured in combination with other materials such as aluminum, synthetic fabric, upholstery and glass. The products are characterized by original design, ergonomics and resistance to weather conditions and are entirely recyclable.
Thanks to their design, the wide range of models and colors, the great flexibility and ease of use even in the commercial sector, Nardi products are popular with architects around the world.