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Underwear serves as a critical layer of clothing with a primary function to keep outer garments from being soiled by bodily secretions, as well as providing support and shaping for the body. Customers purchasing underwear seek comfort, style, and personal expression. Different individuals prioritize various aspects such as fabric, fit, support, and aesthetics. Underwear is used in daily life, often selected for specific occasions or climate conditions, and is an intimate part of one's wardrobe reflective of personal taste and needs.

There are several subtypes within the underwear category, each catering to different preferences and requirements. Long underwear provides full coverage and warmth, making it ideal for cold weather. Period briefs are specifically designed for menstrual support, offering extra absorption and protection. Hipsters offer a low-rise, form-fitting style that sits on the hips, perfect for low-waist pants. Briefs provide classic coverage and support, a staple in many wardrobes. Boxer shorts afford a more relaxed fit and ventilation, a favored choice for lounging or light activity. Lastly, thongs provide minimal coverage, eliminating panty lines and offering a seamless look under form-fitting clothing.

When selecting underwear, customers often use certain properties to filter their choices. Age group is an essential aspect; for instance, children's underwear typically features fun designs and soft, non-irritating materials. Sustainability is increasingly crucial; many shoppers prefer underwear made from organic materials that symbolize eco-friendliness. Using these properties, customers can efficiently narrow down options to find the ideal item that meets their ethical standards and is appropriate for the intended user, whether that be adults, teens, or children.

Leading brands in the underwear market cater to different preferences. BOSS offers the Trunk, a form-fitting, supportive undergarment. Jack & Jones' most-sold underwear, the Solid, is likely chosen for its versatile and straightforward style. Tommy Hilfiger’s Trunk also stands out for its blend of comfort and iconic American branded aesthetic. Calida presents the Natural Benefit, an item which may be highly regarded for its premium material and sustainable production. ISA Bodywear offers the Panty, which may be preferred for its fit and comfort. Each brand brings a distinct set of features to its products, matching a wide array of consumer needs and personal tastes.