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Suitcases are the quintessential travel companion, designed to keep your belongings secure and organized while on the move. Customers gearing up for travel—be it for business, leisure, or family trips—look to suitcases as a durable solution for carrying clothing, gadgets, and personal items. Business professionals might opt for a smart and sleek business case for a polished look, while families often choose children's suitcases to make travel fun for the little ones. Some prefer a soft shell suitcase for flexibility and a bit of extra packing space, whereas others might go for a hand luggage suitcase to breeze through airport security. Hard-top cases offer increased protection for valuable possessions, showcasing the diversity of use in daily travel circumstances.

The subtypes of suitcases each cater to different needs and preferences. Business cases are typically streamlined and may feature compartments for laptops and documents. Children's suitcases are often characterized by vibrant designs and scaled-down sizes, suitable for young travelers. Soft shell suitcases adapt more easily to tight spaces and usually have external pockets for easy access to essentials. Hand luggage suitcases are compact and designed to adhere to airline cabin restrictions. The hard-top case is robust and ideal for safeguarding delicate items with a rigid exterior.

When navigating through the different suitcase options, customers should consider the case size and material group as primary properties. A case size 'L' ensures ample space for extended travels, while 'Material group: Metal' denotes a sturdy build, typically associated with hard-sided luggage. These properties are instrumental when filtering for a suitable product, allowing customers to find a balance between capacity and endurance to match their particular travel needs.

In the world of suitcases, several brands stand out for their quality and innovation. American Tourister offers the Soundbox, a product blending durability with a modern aesthetic. Pack Easy brings to the market the Jolly set, known for its practicality and ease of transport. Travelite’s Next collection caters to those looking for a mix of reliability and style. Samsonite’s Lite-Cube is a testament to luxury and sophistication in luggage design. Lastly, Dakine’s Split Roller is celebrated by travelers who require a versatile packing system and easy mobility. Each of these brands has tailored their products to different aspects of usability and customer preferences, ensuring a wide selection of suitcases to suit every type of adventure.