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Find your duffle, sports bag and travel bag in over 300 products. Our most popular product is the duffel bag by The North Face: a very sturdy and versatile bag for sports and travel.
Bags are our everyday
companions. We usually use them for our leisure time or as sports or travel bags. It is therefore important that your bag is functional and robust, but doubles as a stylish accessory. Use the filter function on the left to find your matching duffel. In the bag type «sports bags», you will find typical sports bags for the gym, football or yoga. «Travel bags» include weekenders or bags that are suitable for longer or shorter trips. An important factor when buying a new bag is its size and volume. Up to 20 litres volume offers enough space to pack for any activity that requires little equipment. 30 litres volume is sufficient to store sportswear, a towel, shoes and a water bottle. A bag with a capacity of around 40 litres holds several outfits; 50 litres and more can be used to travel for several days. XXL bags with 120 liters and more volume are convenient to transport sports equipment or even suitable to move home. 

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    Base Camp Duffel
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    The North Face Base Camp Duffel
    Base Camp Duffel
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    The North Face Base Camp Duffel
    Gym bag Dinosaur (6l)
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    Funki Gym bag Dinosaur (6l)
    Base Camp Voyager Duffel 62L (62l)
    The North Face Base Camp Voyager Duffel 62L (62l)
    Turnsack Astronaut (6l)
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    Funki Turnsack Astronaut (6l)
    Gym bag butterfly (6l)
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    Funki Gym bag butterfly (6l)
    Base Camp Duffel (31l)
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    The North Face Base Camp Duffel (31l)

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