The business shirt or casual shirt shows man or boy from his best side. The right fit is important. Because belly, shoulders and chest are skillfully to conceal or to put in scene. The cut of the shirt is differentiated into slim-fit (close-fitting) or regular-fit (straight cut). We distinguish between three different types of shirts. Business shirts are shirts with a classically elegant cut and corresponding materials. Brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Joop!, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Boss and many more can be found here. Under casual shirts you will find shirts from brands like Volcom, Jack&Jones, Quiksilver, Armed Angels, Only&Sons but also Polo Ralph Lauren. The shirts are plain, striped, dotted or with wild patterns. The check shirt, flannel shirt or lumberjack shirt can also be found here. The third type is the denim shirt. For the summer, short-sleeved shirts are very exciting.