Best products in the Humidors category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. adorini Torino Deluxe

High-quality, black multiple lacquering. 1 vertical divider, 1 horizontal divider. Pre-calibrated high-precision hair hygrometer, optimized for storing cigars. Gold plated Adorini Deluxe humidifier based on acrylic polymers with finely adjustable opening slits for optimum moisture control. Hygrometer and humidifier are magnetically fixed underneath the wood veneer with an invisible metal plate. Particularly robust quadrant hinges with 24 carat gold plating and hand polished. Cigars are not included! 

adorini Torino Deluxe (30)
129.– CHF

adorini Torino Deluxe


2. Klarstein El Presidente

- The ultimate product for every cigar lover: The Klarstein El Presidente Humidor Cigar Cabinet ensures optimal storage conditions with constant humidity and temperatures, so that the noble cigars lose none of their good taste.

- Thanks to the large interior of the electric cigar humidor, numerous cigars can be stored on all storage levels and in a drawer made of cedar wood, smooth-running rails allow quick and convenient access.

- Thanks to the SmartMist system, the integrated hygrometer makes it easy to maintain the ideal relative humidity of 70 % with the water tray so that the cigars do not dry out in the cigar humidifier and retain their full flavour for a long time.

- Constant storage temperatures with a precise setting between 14 and 20 °C also prevent loss of aroma due to excessive heat, and a switchable LED light provides an overview.

Klarstein El Presidente
209.– CHF

Klarstein El Presidente

3. Germanus Humidor cabinet

- Spanish cedar wood

- With digital hygrometer in the front (readable from outside), with crystal humidifiers

- Space for approx. 300-500 cigars

- Dimensions
approx. 529 x 301 x 275 mm

- You can remove one or theoretically all drawers and thus store boxes of any size.

Germanus Humidor cabinet (200)
246.– CHF

Germanus Humidor cabinet


4. Lifestyle Humidor gift set

- Polymer humidifier with magnetic holder

- Humidor inside is completely lined with cedar wood. The dimensions: 19cm x 13cm x 4,5cm

- Cigar cutter with 2 blades
for large ring gauge ideal for large format cigars. Double blade for an even cut. 

Lifestyle Humidor gift set (12)
64.– CHF

Lifestyle Humidor gift set


5. adorini Torino

Deluxe cigar box with hair hygrometer for perfect storage of cigars, wood -for up to 30.

6. Slege Handmade humidor

- Protect your cigar collection with our humidor box with glass lid! Spanish cedar interior and divider preserve rich flavour and aroma. Sealed construction prevents moisture loss, maintain 65%72% RH while the hygrometer allows you to check humidity at any time

- Keep all your cigars well stored in this cigar case. Can hold 30~50 cigars depending on ring size

- Removable dividers make it easy to store and secure cigars in a neat and organised way

- Beautiful black sandalwood finish with espresso black stripe trim on all edges, shiny gold hinges, retro yet trendy styles blend in with any interior style.

Slege Handmade humidor (50)
65.– CHF

Slege Handmade humidor


7. Cigarloong Cedar Humidor, Brown

- Our cigar humidor is handmade from Spanish cedar wood and solid wood lining, the aroma of the cedar wood is high. The surface lacquering and polishing make it very smooth and stain resistant. With flexible stainless steel hinge, easy to open 90 degree angle and easy to close, sturdy and durable.

- This cigar box can hold 20 to 25 cigars depending on the ring gauge, a spacious accommodation for your sticks (cigar is not included).

- The top lid has a glass window that provides a clear view of your cigars without having to open the lid. The scratch-resistant black flannel bottom protects the humidor from friction or damage.

Cigarloong Cedar Humidor, Brown
55.– CHF

Cigarloong Cedar Humidor, Brown

8. Cigarloong Cigar case set

The cigar case from CIGARLOONG is a stylish accessory made from black leather. It offers space for three cigars and impresses with its compact dimensions of 17.8 cm in length, 9 cm in width and a height of 3 cm. The case also comes with a stainless steel cigar cutter in silver, making it an ideal gift for cigar lovers. The set is delivered in an elegant gift box. 

Cigarloong Cigar case set (3)
41.– CHF

Cigarloong Cigar case set


9. Germanus Humidor set with hygrometer

- Humidor Set Cigar Humidor with Humidifier and Ashtray and Cigar Cutter

- Digital external hygrometer (calibrateable at the touch of a button) with brass

Dimensions: width: 23 cm, depth: 21.7 cm, height: 14.4 cm

- Offers space for 75 cigars

- Spanish cedar veneer inside.

Germanus Humidor set with hygrometer (75)
145.01 CHF

Germanus Humidor set with hygrometer


10. La Sommelière CIG251

The CIG251 cigar climate control cabinet guarantees ideal storage conditions so that all the aromas of your cigars are preserved and can develop later. Cigars do not tolerate changes in temperature or humidity. Therefore, they should be stored in a stable, regulated and controlled environment. If cigars are stored too warm and too humid, the tobacco swells and the wrapper cracks. The result is clouded cigar enjoyment, because the tobacco burns irregularly or the cigar even goes out frequently. Moisture promotes the growth of mould and bacteria. If, on the other hand, the cigars are stored too dry, they become brittle and the tobacco loses its aromas, intensity and character. Poor storage or keeping conditions affect the quality of the cigar and destroy your investment, even in the case of cigars of the best quality. For a true connoisseur and lover of good cigars, the purchase of a climate-controlled cabinet for storing cigars therefore very quickly becomes a necessity. 

La Sommelière CIG251 (250)
900.– CHF

La Sommelière CIG251