Best products in the Cleaning products category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Mellerud mold destroyer

Mold Destroyer is the highly effective specialty product for mold removal throughout the home. Its chlorine-based formula destroys 99.99% of mould spores and bleaches affected areas. Mould stains and fungal growths disappear in no time at all. Immediately after spraying on the product, you can see how the Mellerud Mould Destroyer automatically takes effect and kills mould, fungi, bacteria and algae on, for example, tiles, grout, walls, ceilings, brickwork, wood and plastics. In addition, Mellerud Mould Destroyer has a disinfecting effect, which prevents new soiling or mould growth. Due to the chlorine contained in the product, the use of this product leaves a distinctive smell, which is why the use of Mellerud Mould Destroyer is particularly recommended in bathrooms, kitchens, cellars, garages, saunas and swimming pools. In any case, you should ventilate well after use. 

2. Mellerud Algae & Moss Remover

Automatically removes algae, moss and green deposits from stone, wood, glass, plastic, concrete and ceramic surfaces such as house facades or wooden fences. Even stubborn green deposits are effortlessly removed, the treated surfaces are deeply effective freed from algae and moss and protected from new growth.

Use biocides with care. Always read the label and product information before use.

3. Mellerud Urine & Limescale Remover

Mellerud Urine & Limescale Remover automatically removes urine scale and limescale deposits in the sanitary area. These deposits inevitably settle during the use of your sanitary facilities and create unsightly edges on the surfaces. Therefore, we recommend the use of this product especially for the hygienic cleaning of your toilet, bidet, urinal or sanitary facilities. Simply apply Mellerud Urine & Limescale Remover generously and evenly to the surface to be cleaned. Thanks to the new adhesive formula, the product sticks where it is supposed to work and thus guarantees hygienic cleanliness. In this way, you can effectively and easily remove urine and limescale deposits in your bathroom. Besides, you create a pleasant and long-lasting citrus scent. Be sure that you have made your sanitary facilities hygienically clean after treatment with our Mellerud Urine & Limescale Remover and all germs and bacteria are rendered harmless. So you can use your bathroom in all freshness without worrying. Attention: Brownish-red discolorations caused by iron, manganese or brownstone deposits should be treated in combination with Mellerud Brownstone Remover if necessary. 

4. Mellerud Mould Remover

Mould Remover is a new, odourless active foam against mould, which can be used in the entire household. It contains active oxygen, thus works automatically and removes mould in a particularly effective and lasting way. Due to its odour neutrality and the absence of chlorine, the mould remover is ideal for combating mould in the bedroom, living room or children's room. It is also ideal for the kitchen area, especially for cleaning refrigerators, freezers and pantries. Mellerud Mould Remover has a disinfecting effect there and also removes biofilms around fittings and water drains. It reliably removes 99.9% of mould spores, fungal growths, algae and bacteria from any surface such as wallpaper, plaster, brickwork, joints, tiles, wood, stone, plastic and textiles. Note: Due to its chlorine-free mode of action, Mould Remover does not bleach out mould stains. However, you can be sure that the mould spores have been killed after application. 

5. Mellerud Intensive cleaner

Stone and Slabs Intensive Cleaner is an acid-free special cleaner which powerfully and gently removes deposits, heavy general soiling, greasy contamination and old care layers from stone surfaces. The product is suitable for all types of natural and artificial stone, especially for calcareous surfaces such as marble, sandstone and limestone, artificial stone and terrazzo, but also for granite, slate and ceramic tiles. This makes Mellerud Stone and Tile Intensive Cleaner ideal for powerful basic cleaning before sealing or impregnating or for removing winter dirt. Our Intensive Cleaner also ensures clean results and makes your work easier when cleaning new coverings at the end of construction. This makes the sometimes time-consuming cleaning of your outdoor stones and slabs much quicker and easier. Use the time you have gained for nicer things than spring cleaning in the garden. 

6. Mellerud Rust stain remover

Rust Stain Remover is a real problem solver in the fight against stubborn rust stains and other metal oxide residues. Thanks to the particularly sophisticated formula, Mellerud Rust Stain Remover works reliably and automatically down to the depth of the surface and thus removes rust stains thoroughly and gently. The product is versatile and can be used, for example, on stone, tile and ceramic surfaces indoors and outdoors. Due to the fact that Mellerud Rust Stain Remover works without acid, you can also use it on more sensitive surfaces made of natural stone such as marble, granite, slate, limestone and sandstone. To remove rust stains, simply apply the product undiluted to the affected area, observe the self-acting effect (purple discoloration) and then rinse the product off thoroughly with plenty of water and a brush. You will notice that even older rust stains caused by, for example, ferrous fertilizers, metal garden furniture, leaking water pipes or heating leaks from your patios, walkways, driveways, walls and garage floors will disappear in no time. So don't worry if rust stains stain your surfaces, because Mellerud offers you an effective and easy solution to this problem. 

7. Mellerud Shower enclosure cleaner

Frees from lime and soap residues. Cleans and maintains in one step. Prevents limescale deposits. Protects tiles and grouting with a new, reinforced beading effect. For tiled showers, shower cabins made of coated and uncoated glass and plastic as well as shower curtains and shower doors with aluminium frames. Also suitable for showers made of acrylic. The material is protected the shower hygienically clean. 

8. Mellerud Grout cleaner

Removes greasy, oily dirt, soap residues, traces of use, incrustations, care film deposits etc. from wall and floor tile joints. For joints on tiles, clinker bricks, facing bricks, brick slips, natural stones, tile mirrors in kitchen and bathroom. 

9. Woca Tannic acid stains

Woca Tannic Acid Stain Spray is for untreated, soaped, oiled or waxed interior wood surfaces. Tannic Acid Stain Spray effectively removes black stains of an acid/water reaction. Container plastic spray 250 ml. 

10. Bio-chem Ultrasonic cleaner

Do you usually only use washing-up liquid for cleaning with your ultrasonic cleaner and are only partially satisfied with the result - if at all? If you want to get your jewellery or glasses enthusiastically clean again, you are guaranteed to make the right choice with the bio-chem ultrasonic cleaner. The cleaning agent is very economical and has a particularly mild formula to protect your favourite pieces - without any unpleasant chemical smell. Effective cleaning even in the hardest to reach corners. Dust, grease, dirt, skin particles, sebum and sweat residue settle in the tightest, hard-to-reach corners. You will not get these areas satisfactorily clean with conventional cleaners or dishwashing liquid. The bio-chem ultrasonic cleaner ensures all-round cleanliness. Depending on the degree of darkening of the water used for cleaning, you will be amazed at how much dirt is hidden in your jewellery. The biological cleaning agent is very productive and particularly sustainable, as you only need a very small amount for an "ultrasonic bath" with excellent effect. Thanks to our practical dosing aid, you can always be absolutely sure to use the right amount of cleaning agent for your ultrasonic device. Look forward to a much more pleasant feeling when wearing your glasses and jewellery. Suitable for all ultrasonic cleaning devices and cleaning baths of all manufacturers in all sizes. The cleaner is vegan and consists of easily biodegradable ingredients. No aggressive ingredients, no alcohol, no fragrances and no dyes. Thanks to the mild formula, it is suitable for all materials and therefore also especially for high-quality jewellery or glasses. The high-yield concentrate can be diluted and used several times depending on the degree of soiling. This saves you unnecessary plastic waste. Removes dirt, grease, fingerprints, make-up, sweat, dust and oil.