Best products in the Chocolate category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Celebrations Lover's box

It is ideal for parties and celebrations, where real celebration lovers can choose from many varieties. Varieties: Mars, Snickers, Bounty, Milky Way, Twix, Maltese Teasers, Dove. Storage advice: Store in a cool and dry place. 

Celebrations Lover's box (1435 g)
32.30 CHF 22.51 CHF/1kg

Celebrations Lover's box

1435 g

2. Mangini Il Noccioletto

Mangini's Il Noccioletto is a famous and popular little coffee garnish. With roasted hazelnuts. Covered with milk chocolate.

Mangini Il Noccioletto (30 %, 1000 g)
35.– CHF 35.– CHF/1kg

Mangini Il Noccioletto

30 %, 1000 g

3. Smarties Mini

Les SMARTIES® are de délicieuses billes craquantes au chocolat et aux nombreuses couleurs vives . Whether they are green, red, brown, yellow, purple or blue, the SMARTIES® coloured chocolate lentils will delight the whole family. And they contain only concentrates of coloured fruits and plants and no preservatives. Plongez maintenant dans le monde coloré de SMARTIES®. 

Smarties Mini (350 g)
14.70 CHF 42.– CHF/1kg

Smarties Mini

350 g

4. Bounty Classic

The delicate coconut bar, available in milk and dark chocolate, will seduce your senses into a pleasant dream.

Bounty Classic (1368 g)
34.20 CHF 25.– CHF/1kg

Bounty Classic

1368 g

5. Tony's Vm Chocolate Nougat

Tony's Vm Chocolate Nougat (32 %, 180 g)
Quantity discount
6.25 CHF per piece for 3 units 34.72 CHF/1kg

Tony's Vm Chocolate Nougat

32 %, 180 g

6. Kinder Bueno

The special edition. kinder bueno White is wonderfully crunchy and creamy at the same time - the bar for true connoisseurs. The special thing about this sweet treat is the delicate crispy shell, which is covered in delicious white chocolate and decorated with crunchy cocoa. The creamy milk and hazelnut filling sweetens the moment in a very special way. 

Kinder Bueno (10.80 %, 120 g)
only 21 of 80 remaining on sale
9.90 CHF was 17.40 CHF 82.50 CHF/1kg

Kinder Bueno

10.80 %, 120 g

7. Lindt Patisserie Milch Swiss Premium Couverture

Lindt Patisserie Milch Swiss Premium Couverture (500 g)
16.80 CHF 33.60 CHF/1kg

Lindt Patisserie Milch Swiss Premium Couverture

500 g

8. Lindt Eili

Eili belong in a real Easter nest. Preferably chocolate ones, of course. Good thing these Lindor Eili are available in many variations. This assorted mixture of dark chocolate is perfect for anyone who likes a particularly intense chocolate flavour: Lindor Surfin, Lindor Noir 70% and Lindor Double Chocolate. 

Lindt Eili (300 g)
Quantity discount
11.40 CHF per piece for 2 units 38.– CHF/1kg

Lindt Eili

300 g

9. Storck Coffee cream

Delicate creamy combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Storck Coffee cream (100 g)
Quantity discount
2.80 CHF per piece for 4 units 28.– CHF/1kg

Storck Coffee cream

100 g

10. Ritter Sport Vegan Roasted Peanut 100g

The new Roasted Peanut is the perfect snack. This vegan Ritter Sport chocolate bar combines crunchy pieces of roasted peanuts with creamy, mild chocolate based on almonds. A dairy free chocolate candy for you to enjoy. 

Ritter Sport Vegan Roasted Peanut 100g (48 %, 100 g)
7.85 CHF 78.50 CHF/1kg

Ritter Sport Vegan Roasted Peanut 100g

48 %, 100 g