Confectionery + biscuits

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Confectionery + biscuits

Confectionery and biscuits embody the sweet delight of snack time, with myriad options to satisfy a range of taste preferences and occasions. These baked treats are universally favored for their convenience, flavor variety, and texture. They effortlessly find their way into daily routines, from the morning cup of coffee to the after-dinner palate cleanser. Lovers of these indulgences enjoy them as quick snacks, as part of a ritual with their hot beverages, or as improvised desserts when unexpected guests arrive.

In this delicious category, subtypes vary widely to capture the essence of global pastry traditions. 'Latch' encapsulates an assortment of sweets that may be coated with chocolate or filled with creamy centers, perfect for those who seek a bite-sized indulgent experience. 'Biscuits,' widely known for their crispy texture and numerous shapes, range from simple butter cookies to elaborate creations with nuts or fruit pieces. 'Baked goods' denote a broader category, including everything from muffins to Danish pastries, catering to a more substantial snack or a breakfast treat. Lastly, 'Panettone,' a traditional Italian sweet bread, typically dotted with candied fruits and raisins, is highly sought-after during festive seasons and has a fluffy, brioche-like quality.

The brands featured in our online shop cater to all palates. Lotus offers the iconic Biscoff, a caramelized biscuit with a distinct spiced flavor and a crisp texture that pairs wonderfully with coffee. Wernli brings Sablé, rich and tender shortbread cookies, presenting an irresistibly crumbly sensation. Bonfissuto's Pandorato is a moist and flavorful sweet bread, providing a slice of Italian tradition that captivates with every bite. For those seeking gluten-free options, Schär delivers with their Madeleines, made without gluten yet full of soft and buttery goodness. And for the connoisseurs of fine Swiss baking, Kambly's Bretzeli gastro portions offers delicate, lacey biscuits that are as delicious as they are aesthetically pleasing.

With such an assortment of confectionery and biscuits, our selection brings the world's renowned sweet traditions to the comfort of your home, catering to diverse preferences and dietary requirements while assuring the highest quality. Whether it's the joy of sharing or savoring in solitude, these treats promise moments of simple pleasure and refined flavors.