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1. Tesseron Cognac Extra Légende

The COGNAC EXTRA LÉGENDE is a mature, harmonious cognac from the traditional family company TESSERON.

Tesseron Cognac Extra Légende (70 cl)
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199.– CHF 284.29 CHF/1l

Tesseron Cognac Extra Légende

70 cl

2. Hennessy Cognac VSOP

Clear, golden yellow with amber reflexes. In the nose citrus notes, followed by slightly bitter nuances of black tea. In the palate also citrus character and the typical aroma of green tea. 

Hennessy Cognac VSOP (70 cl)
63.90 CHF 91.29 CHF/1l

Hennessy Cognac VSOP

70 cl

3. Rémy Martin XO

Maturation for up to 37 years and the use of 350 different eaux-de-vie give it a unique richness of aromas: jasmine, iris, ripe figs, freshly ground cinnamon and candied oranges. Uniquely velvety and with an explosion of flavours, the Cognac XO has a finish of more than 15 minutes. 

Rémy Martin XO (70 cl)
152.– CHF 217.14 CHF/1l

Rémy Martin XO

70 cl

4. Hennessy X.O

Created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870 for his circle of friends, Hennessy X.O was one of the first Cognacs classified as X.C, or "extra old", because of its extended aging process. When ice greets Hennessy X.O, it sets in motion a sensory odyssey. Fingers feel the warm glass cool, ears hear a gentle clinking, eyes witness the amber-coloured cognac lighten, palates discover an ever-evolving tastescape. Discover new experiences, new sensations and new occasions through three main drinks: On 3 rocks, On a rock, Over Ice. 

Hennessy X.O (70 cl)
205.– CHF 292.86 CHF/1l

Hennessy X.O

70 cl

5. Metaxa Brandy 7 Star Amphora

Amber in colour.
Open nose with much herbal scent and beautiful oak notes. In the palate full-bodied, with flavours of figs, raisins and tobacco. Long lasting.

Metaxa Brandy 7 Star Amphora (70 cl)
28.90 CHF 41.29 CHF/1l

Metaxa Brandy 7 Star Amphora

70 cl

6. Bodega San Isidro Barsol Quebranta

Pisco Barsol Primero Quebranta is an outstanding artesanal premium Pisco Puro of the variety Pisco Quebranta. This Peruvian Pisco is distilled 100% from a single grape variety, the non-aromatic Quebranta grape. 

Bodega San Isidro Barsol Quebranta (70 cl)
33.50 CHF 47.86 CHF/1l

Bodega San Isidro Barsol Quebranta

70 cl

7. Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Cognac

The COGNAC RÉMY MARTIN 1738 ACCORD ROYAL is a smooth and fruity cognac with a velvety texture.

Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Cognac (70 cl)
59.90 CHF 85.57 CHF/1l

Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal Cognac

70 cl

8. Pisco Capel Doble Destilado Brandy from Chile


Pisco Capel Doble Destilado Brandy from Chile (70 cl)
27.90 CHF 39.86 CHF/1l

Pisco Capel Doble Destilado Brandy from Chile

70 cl

9. Asbach Brandy Asbach Uralt

Discreet scent of honey and a trace of grape in the nose, mixed with the dominance of flowers and a breath wood. In the palate a mild sweetness spreads with a harmonious bouquet which reminds of plums and nuts. A pleasant and mild aftertaste of almonds. 

Asbach Brandy Asbach Uralt (70 cl)
29.90 CHF 42.71 CHF/1l

Asbach Brandy Asbach Uralt

70 cl

10. Metaxa 5 stars brandy

Metaxa is a globally popular Greek spirit that has been produced according to a secret family recipe since 1888. Firstly, dry white wines from different parts of Greece are matured in oak barrels. For Metaxa 5 Stars, the wines are matured for 5 years. The distillates are then blended together and a small amount of Muscat wine from the Aegean islands is added. Finally, a secret blend of herbs is added. 

Metaxa 5 stars brandy (70 cl)
22.10 CHF 31.57 CHF/1l

Metaxa 5 stars brandy

70 cl