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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Brabantia Perfect Fit Compost

This bin liner is made of certified and compostable materials and can be disposed of on the compost. Please do not use the waste bag for more than 10 days. For example, do not throw hot tea bags into the bin liner - heat-resistant up to 50°C. Please note: For optimal storage of the compostable bin liners, the packaging of the bags is made of normal PE plastic and must be disposed of with regular residual waste. 

Brabantia Perfect Fit Compost (10 x, 6 l)
Bin bags
Quantity discount
2.85per piece for 4 units

Brabantia Perfect Fit Compost

10 x, 6 l


2. Joseph Joseph IW2 Green Tour

For general waste space and multi-purpose drawer (4 litres). With drawstring for easy closing. 100% compostable.

Joseph Joseph IW2 Green Tour (50 x, 4 l)
Bin bags

Joseph Joseph IW2 Green Tour

50 x, 4 l


3. Swirl Fragrance Lavender-Vanilla

Changing garbage bags is a rather unloved thing. Mainly because of the unpleasant smell of some waste. With the Swirl scented garbage bags, this procedure is now simply more pleasant. The bags exude a fresh scent - of vanilla and lavender - and they allow quick and easy closing thanks to the handy drawstring. For a fragrant household surely essential.

Swirl Fragrance Lavender-Vanilla (14 x, 10 l)
Bin bags
Quantity discount
5.20per piece for 3 units

Swirl Fragrance Lavender-Vanilla

14 x, 10 l


4. Standard 110l

Standard bin liners made of recycled plastic, black.

Standard 110l (10 x, 110 l)
Bin bags
Quantity discount
2.65per piece for 4 units

Standard 110l

10 x, 110 l


5. Tangan N°19 General purpose bag

Single folded, with drawstring.

Tangan N°19 General purpose bag (20 l)
Bin bags

Tangan N°19 General purpose bag

20 l


6. Kilner Replacement filter for compost bin 20 l 0 l, 2 pieces

Perfumed: No, Biodegradable: No, Packaging unit: 2 pieces, Volume: 0 l, Carrying strap: No.

Kilner Replacement filter for compost bin 20 l 0 l, 2 pieces (2 x, 0 l)
Bin bags
Quantity discount
7.55per piece for 3 units

Kilner Replacement filter for compost bin 20 l 0 l, 2 pieces

2 x, 0 l


7. Quickbag quick bag

With built-in drawstring, city association logo, more environmentally friendly, lighter with the same specifications as conventional refuse bags made of high pressure polyethylene.

Quickbag quick bag (20 x, 35 l)
Bin bags
Quantity discount
5.70per piece for 3 units

Quickbag quick bag

20 x, 35 l


8. Secolan Bin liner

Secolan waste bin bag with drawstring Made of multi-layer film - extra tear-resistant - resilient - liquid-tight. Secolan bin liners are made from 100% environmentally friendly and recycled PE-LD, making a meaningful contribution to the conservation of natural resources. They burn residue-free to carbon dioxide and water and are groundwater-neutral. Production produces around 55% less climate-damaging CO2 than the use of virgin material. -Colour: white Capacity: 35 l (54,5x62 cm) - Contents per roll: 20 pieces. 

Secolan Bin liner (20 x, 35 l)
Bin bags
Quantity discount
4.05per piece for 4 units

Secolan Bin liner

20 x, 35 l


9. Flexiplast Rubbish bag

Rolled up refuse sacks with closure strap.

Flexiplast Rubbish bag (50 x, 60 l)
Bin bags
Quantity discount
10.80per piece for 2 units

Flexiplast Rubbish bag

50 x, 60 l


10. Brabantia Perfect Fit D

Using the bags is child's play. The bin liner is pulled out of the container and closed by pulling on the closure band. And the coloured label on the inside lid of your waste container shows you which bag size you need. Perfect fit in your Brabantia waste bin - no unsightly protruding edges. Special ventilation openings facilitate the insertion of the waste bag. Practical transport and closing belt. Made of particularly durable quality plastic. Packaging unit: roll with 20 bags (piece). 

Brabantia Perfect Fit D (20 x, 15 l)
Bin bags
Quantity discount
2.85per piece for 4 units

Brabantia Perfect Fit D

20 x, 15 l