Best products in the Aperitifs category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Lillet Blanc Lillet

Straw yellow colour. Floral on the palate with subtle notes of honey, oranges, lemon and some mint. Full-bodied and fruity with a long finish.

Lillet Blanc Lillet (17 %, France)
17.95 23.93/1l

Lillet Blanc Lillet

17 %, France

2. Lillet Rosé Lillet

Citrus, orange blossom, fresh peppermint, vanilla aromas on the nose. Fresh, lively and fruity on the palate with a balanced long and fruity finish.

Lillet Rosé Lillet (17 %, France)
17.90 23.87/1l

Lillet Rosé Lillet

17 %, France

3. Carpano Carpano Antica Formula

This premium wormwood, originally only produced in small series, is a recreation of Giuseppe Benedetto Carpano's first bottling of wormwood in 1786, which founded the modern wormwood tradition in Turin. Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth offers an unprecedented taste experience with intense spicy-fruity notes and a very complex drinking experience! 

Carpano Carpano Antica Formula (18 years, 16.50 %, Italy, 1 x 100 cl, absinth)
33.70 33.70/1l

Carpano Carpano Antica Formula

18 years, 16.50 %, Italy, 1 x 100 cl, absinth

4. Lillet Rouge Lillet

Aromas of fresh orange and red fruits, vanilla and fine spices. On the palate, fine notes of honey, candied oranges and lemons. The finish is full-bodied and fruity.

Lillet Rouge Lillet (17 %, France)
17.60 23.47/1l

Lillet Rouge Lillet

17 %, France

5. Jsotta Jsotta Vermouth Rosso

Already in the 50s and 60s, during the vermouth boom, Jsotta was the most drunk vermouth in Switzerland. Today's edition is the first Swiss vermouth made exclusively from Swiss wines and with hand-picked Swiss herbs.
Finely layered, balanced aromas of herbs and spices rise to the nose. Soft red wine notes paired with a harmonious bitterness and sweetness characterize the palate. The finish is long and full-bodied.

Jsotta Jsotta Vermouth Rosso (18 years, 17 %, Switzerland, 1 x 75 cl, absinth)
23.90 31.87/1l

Jsotta Jsotta Vermouth Rosso

18 years, 17 %, Switzerland, 1 x 75 cl, absinth

6. Martini Bellini Peach

A delicious and fruity fresh summer aperitif that Martini offers. A classic Bellini that captivates with its fruity aromas such as sweet peach and a little vanilla. The Sparkling wine is particularly well-balanced and elegant. 

Martini Bellini Peach (18 years, 8 %, Italy, 1 x 75 cl)
11.80 15.73/1l

Martini Bellini Peach

18 years, 8 %, Italy, 1 x 75 cl

7. Campari Bitter aperitif

Bright red aperitif with fruity-bitter flavours, increased alcohol content. For cocktails and long drinks. By the maturation in bourbon barrels the typical bitter notes of the Campari are smoothed and it results in fine smoke flavours paired with light sweetness of the wood. 

Campari Bitter aperitif (25 %, Italy, bitter)
69.80 69.80/1l

Campari Bitter aperitif

25 %, Italy, bitter

8. Braulio Amaro Alpino di Bormio

A traditional liqueur from Bormio, which matures for two years in oak barrels and convinces with its pleasantly bitter taste.

Braulio Amaro Alpino di Bormio (18 years, 21 %, Italy, 1 x 70 cl)
23.60 33.71/1l

Braulio Amaro Alpino di Bormio

18 years, 21 %, Italy, 1 x 70 cl

9. Kübler Absinthe

Absinthe Kübler (popularly known as the green fairy or La bleue) is the continuation of the long family tradition of the Küblers, who produced absinthe in the Swiss Val-de-Travers (Neuenburg Jura) from 1863 until the prohibition on 7 October 1910. In 2004 the Swiss parliament lifted the Absinthe ban again. Yves Kübler, great-grandson of the founder of the Kübler brand, is the first distillery to be able to legally offer you an authentic Absinthe again. In Môtiers, the capital of Val-de-Travers, where Absinthe has its historical origins, the mythical drink has been reawakened from its Sleeping Beauty sleep. Absinthe Kübler is distilled according to the old family recipe in the best tradition of wormwood (Grande Absinthe), a special mixture of spicy herbs and pure alcohol. To guarantee the unique taste, only wormwood herb from Val-de-Travers is used. Absinthe Kübler unfolds its subtle taste and characteristic cloudiness best diluted 1:5 with fresh water. Absinthe Kübler is exclusively produced in Switzerland. 

Kübler Absinthe (18 years, 53 %, Switzerland, 1 x 50 cl, absinthe)
29.60 59.20/1l

Kübler Absinthe

18 years, 53 %, Switzerland, 1 x 50 cl, absinthe

10. Martini Martini Extra Dry

MARTINI EXTRA DRY is the first choice for the classic MARTINI cocktail. Tip: Enjoy it pure and chilled as an aperitif with sardine snacks.

Martini Martini Extra Dry (18 years, 20 %, Italy, 1 x 100 cl, absinth)
16.30 16.30/1l

Martini Martini Extra Dry

18 years, 20 %, Italy, 1 x 100 cl, absinth