Top-rated products in the Brandy category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Rémy Martin XO

Maturation for up to 37 years and the use of 350 different eaux-de-vie give it a unique richness of aromas: jasmine, iris, ripe figs, freshly ground cinnamon and candied oranges. Uniquely velvety and with an explosion of flavours, the Cognac XO has a finish of more than 15 minutes. 

Rémy Martin XO (70 cl)
152.– CHF 217.14 CHF/1l

Rémy Martin XO

70 cl

2. Metaxa 5 stars brandy

Metaxa is a globally popular Greek spirit that has been produced according to a secret family recipe since 1888. Firstly, dry white wines from different parts of Greece are matured in oak barrels. For Metaxa 5 Stars, the wines are matured for 5 years. The distillates are then blended together and a small amount of Muscat wine from the Aegean islands is added. Finally, a secret blend of herbs is added. 

Metaxa 5 stars brandy (70 cl)
23.30 CHF 33.29 CHF/1l

Metaxa 5 stars brandy

70 cl

3. Domecq Bodegas Brandy Solera Gran Reserva Carlos I

The character is silky and soft with a harmonious finish.

Domecq Bodegas Brandy Solera Gran Reserva Carlos I (70 cl)
38.90 CHF 55.57 CHF/1l

Domecq Bodegas Brandy Solera Gran Reserva Carlos I

70 cl

4. Fassbind Vieille Barrique Framboise

Our Vieille Framboise Barrique is macerated and distilled according to an old recipe and stored for a year in oak barrels.
With a lot of love for detail and refined
according to our own recipe, this noble spirit reminds of homemade raspberry jam, which can also be found in the mild finish.

Nose: fruity, ripe raspberries, with subtle wood tones
Mouth: Intense raspberries, smooth and elegant, harmonious and sweetish.
Finish: Medium-long fruity finish, mild and elegant.

Fassbind Vieille Barrique Framboise (70 cl)
59.40 CHF 84.86 CHF/1l

Fassbind Vieille Barrique Framboise

70 cl

5. Metaxa 7 Star

This Metaxa consists of wine distillates that are up to 7 years old. It presents itself with its unique taste and its full and sweet aroma. Although Metaxa is largely a classic brandy in production, the recipe of Metaxa differs from it by the addition of a secret blend of herbs and wine. It is therefore sold as a Greek spirit speciality and not as brandy. 

Metaxa 7 Star (100 cl)
35.90 CHF 35.90 CHF/1l

Metaxa 7 Star

100 cl

6. Metaxa Private reserve with case

Metaxa Private Reserve is the oldest Metaxa brandy. The brandies used are matured for up to 30 years to create this full-bodied bottling. Notes of honey, chocolate, coffee and sweet spices on the nose, extremely rich on the palate with warm, generous flavours of dried figs, sultanas, orange peel and a hint of oak. The finish is aromatic with light smoky notes. 

Metaxa Private reserve with case (70 cl)
84.– CHF 120.– CHF/1l

Metaxa Private reserve with case

70 cl

7. Gonzalez Byass Lepanto P.X. GP

During the last 5 years Lepanto PX matures in former Noé Pedro Ximenez oak barrels. This special ageing process gives Lepanto PX softness, elegance and a sweet taste. The bottle was specially designed as a carafe and is decorated by hand. The decoration comes from the "Real Fábrica de la Granja". Nose of raisins 

Gonzalez Byass Lepanto P.X. GP (70 cl)
59.– CHF 84.29 CHF/1l

Gonzalez Byass Lepanto P.X. GP

70 cl

8. Asbach Brandy Asbach Uralt

Discreet scent of honey and a trace of grape in the nose, mixed with the dominance of flowers and a breath wood. In the palate a mild sweetness spreads with a harmonious bouquet which reminds of plums and nuts. A pleasant and mild aftertaste of almonds. 

Asbach Brandy Asbach Uralt (70 cl)
29.90 CHF 42.71 CHF/1l

Asbach Brandy Asbach Uralt

70 cl

9. Fassbind Vieille Barrique Abricot

This barrique brandy is made from the old apricot variety Royal Luizet. The high-quality, taste-intensive apricots are distilled professionally and the distillate is then stored for a year in oak barrels. The Vieil Abricot is particularly appreciated for its fine almond note. 

Fassbind Vieille Barrique Abricot (70 cl)
63.20 CHF 90.29 CHF/1l

Fassbind Vieille Barrique Abricot

70 cl

10. Metaxa Brandy 7 Star Amphora

Amber in colour.
Open nose with much herbal scent and beautiful oak notes. In the palate full-bodied, with flavours of figs, raisins and tobacco. Long lasting.

Metaxa Brandy 7 Star Amphora (70 cl)
23.50 CHF 33.57 CHF/1l

Metaxa Brandy 7 Star Amphora

70 cl