Best Zippo products in the Lighters + Matches category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Zippo products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Zippo Lighter fluid

2. Zippo Petrol lighter

3. Zippo Flintstones

The original flints for Zippo lighters.

4. Zippo Street Chrome

STREET CHROME - Street Chrome was introduced in 2001. With the help of a special process, the entire surface of the sheet, including the sides and the base, has been treatedee to reproduce in an authentic way the etchings and the aluminium roughness of an appreciated and much used ribbon. ZIPPO - With every Zippo briquet, you not only get a briquet that is resistant to the wind, but also a piece of intemporelle elegance. Le clic inimitable is a brand of manufacture that sets it apart from the rest. Mais ce n'est pas tout : un briquet Zippo est aussi incroyablement durable. It has been designed to last a lifetime and accompany you on all your adventures. Quality and reliability are Zippo's priorities, so that you can always rely on your knife. Embark on the conquest of the world with style and confidence, because with a Zippo brush at your side, you are ready to face anything that life throws at you. To make the most of it, Zippo recommends original accessories such as the essence, the fire tubes and the sleeves. Delivered in an elegant cadeau box, this makes it an ideal cadeau for all occasions. Fabriqué aux États-Unis. 

5. Zippo Single Torch

Cet insert innovant à brûleur unique libère une flamme bleu clair d'une simple pression sur un bouton. It offers a source of inodour chaleur that lasts longer than before. Il a été spécialement conçu pour s'adapter parfaitement à tous les briquets Zippo traditionnels. For optimum performance, it is preferable to use Zippo butane gas. Allumage fiable grâce à l'allumage piézoélectrique, jusqu'à 2.300°F/1260°C de chaleur. Hauteur de la flamme bleue réglable jusqu'à 2,5 cm. Rechargeable with 0.9 g of butane gas. Ne s'adapte pas aux étuis Slim, Replica ou Armor. 

6. Zippo Butane Lighter Insert Double Flame

This innovative double burner insert unleashes dual, bright blue flames with a simple push of a button. It provides an odorless heat source that lasts longer than before. Specially designed to fit perfectly into any standard Zippo lighter housing. For optimal performance, it is best to fill it with Zippo butane. Reliable ignition by piezo ignition, hot up to 2,300°F/1260°C. Adjustable height of blue flame up to 2.5 cm. Refillable with 0.9 g butane gas. Does not fit in Slim, Replica or Armor Cases. 

7. Zippo Butane gas

The original Zippo butane gas (100 ml) for filling Flex Necks, the butane gas burners and butane gas inserts.

8. Zippo Gift set

A wonderful complete gift set, it includes 1 Zippo Chrome Brushed, 1 leather case brown with loop, 1 petrol, 1 flint set.

9. Zippo Butane Torch

The Butane Torch unleashes its power and performance exactly when you need it most - when lighting a fire. This robust torch, equipped with a patented ignition device, ignites effortlessly and produces a powerful flame that can be set to either a soft yellow or blue colour. It is ideal for igniting, soldering, heating, melting and defrosting. For optimum performance, it is best filled with Zippo butane gas. Heats up to 2,400°F/1,300°C, childproof palm ignition, refillable. 

10. Zippo Arc Insert

Windproof arc insert for easy operation at the touch of a button. The 200 mAh battery is fully charged within 1 hour and lasts for 300 ignitions. Suitable for all conventional Zippo cases, except Slim or 1935 Replica Cases. 10 second safety function. Retains the characteristic Zippo click sound.