Best Carpano products in the Aperitifs category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Carpano products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Carpano Carpano Antica Formula

This premium wormwood, originally only produced in small series, is a recreation of Giuseppe Benedetto Carpano's first bottling of wormwood in 1786, which founded the modern wormwood tradition in Turin. Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth offers an unprecedented taste experience with intense spicy-fruity notes and a very complex drinking experience! 

Carpano Carpano Antica Formula (18 years, 16.50 %, Italy, 1 x 100 cl, absinth)
35.– 35.–/1l

Carpano Carpano Antica Formula

18 years, 16.50 %, Italy, 1 x 100 cl, absinth

2. Carpano Carpano Punt e Mes

Antonio Benedetto Carpano invented a drink based on wine, sugar and herbs in 1786, which was then served in the simple buvette. Almost 100 years later, a banker ordered this wormwood "bitterly tasted" and called the new composition in Piedmontese stock market slang "Punt e Mes"! 

Carpano Carpano Punt e Mes (18 years, 16 %, Italy, 1 x 75 cl, absinth)
16.50 22.–/1l

Carpano Carpano Punt e Mes

18 years, 16 %, Italy, 1 x 75 cl, absinth

3. Carpano Classico Rosso

Carpano Classico is the classic Italian red vermouth that brings its distinctive character to cocktails. The palate immediately perceives its particular note of bitter orange, but this vermouth has a perfectly balanced bittersweet flavor.
Its spicy, citrus notes combine to create a harmonious blend of flavors that complement the vermouth notes and give this classic vermouth a balanced and smooth unique taste. Its color derives from the 100% naturally burnt sugar, which also gives the product an essential aromatic note. This product, like all other Carpano products, does not contain artificial colors, preservatives or additives.

Carpano Classico Rosso (18 years, 16 %, Italy, absinth)
16.40 21.87/1l

Carpano Classico Rosso

18 years, 16 %, Italy, absinth

4. Carpano Antica Formula Carpano

Colour: Reddish amber.Palate: Fine, highly aromatic, multi-layered spice note, bitter-sweet, pleasant, light fruit, a fine hint of vanilla.

Carpano Antica Formula Carpano (16.50 %, Italy)
35.90 35.90/1l

Carpano Antica Formula Carpano

16.50 %, Italy

5. Carpano Bianco

Carpano Bianco is the sweet Italian vermouth with its own particular bouquet and taste, thanks to the herbs and spices such as cinnamon and orange peel. Always served chilled. Refreshing on ice, perfectly mixed with soda or with Prosecco. Carpano Bianco has a light yellow color, a fresh and complex aroma and an easily recognizable wine note, as well as citrus and exotic fruit flavors. Fresh cocoa beans and almonds round out the bouquet of this delicious vermouth. An initially soft and velvety palate is rounded by a complex wine note with mineral tones. 

Carpano Bianco (18 years, 14.90 %, Italy)
16.90 22.53/1l

Carpano Bianco

18 years, 14.90 %, Italy

6. Carpano Dry

Carpano Dry is the Italian Dry Vermouth made with the CRETAN DITTANY that gives the typical smoothness so appreciated by bartenders. This ingredient, missing in the other Carpano vermouths, is an aromatic plant that grows wild only on the mountain slopes of the Greek island of Crete. Carpano Dry has its origins in a traditional recipe enriched with the experience of Distillerie Branca through the choice and use of raw materials, their respect and respect for tradition through innovation and with the contribution of Luca Gardini, many times world champion sommelier. 

Carpano Dry (18 years, 18 %, Italy, absinth)
14.70 21.–/1l

Carpano Dry

18 years, 18 %, Italy, absinth