Milk + Cream

Milk and cream are staple products in many households and businesses across the globe, serving as essential ingredients in countless recipes or enjoyed simply on their own. Milk, rich in calcium and vitamins, is a perfect beverage for promoting bone health, and a versatile kitchen essential for cereal, teas, and coffees. Cream, with its higher fat content, provides a thick and luxurious texture, elevating dishes to new culinary heights. These dairy essentials are beloved by coffee aficionados, baking enthusiasts, and anyone in need of a nutritious drink or a base for sauces and soups. They lend themselves to sweet and savory creations alike, from frothy cappuccinos to creamy alfredo sauces.

Emmi steps into the spotlight with their top-selling Coffee Cream, beloved for its ability to enrich your morning brew with a smooth and velvety touch. Persistent in innovation, Oatly brings a non-dairy twist with their Oat Barista, tailored for coffee lovers preferring plant-based alternatives, delivering that rich froth and taste ideal for lattes and cappuccinos. Alpro's Oat Drink is another plant-based champion, offering a delightful addition to the breakfast table, whether poured over cereal or blended into smoothies. For those who favor the richness of grains, Soyana presents their Swiss Cereal-Drink, an excellent dairy-free option. Finally, Sproud tempts with their Unsweetened Drink based on peas, a unique approach to milk alternatives that prides itself on being both sustainable and allergen-friendly. Each brand brings a distinct quality and characteristic to the table, catering to the diverse preferences and dietary needs of today's consumers. Whether you're after the traditional richness of dairy or the innovative alternatives from non-dairy sources, this selection covers all bases attuned to your culinary and nutritional desires.