TFA USB Electronic Arc Lighter

Safe, reliable, environmentally friendly and in a practical pocket size with an electric arc instead of a flame - that's how you light candles, lanterns, the gas stove, barbecue or fireplace today. Disposable lighters are bad for the environment, and with refillable lighters you often don't have gas or petrol to hand at the crucial moment. The arc lighter from TFA works with an electrically generated arc and can be charged easily and economically via micro USB cable - at the notebook, at the PC, at the powerbank - just like your smartphone. The LED indicator light flashes when the battery needs to be charged and after 1 - 2 hours of charging it is ready for use again. The matching USB cable is included. The practical device has even more advantages compared to conventional lighters: Since it does not produce an open flame, it ignites in wind and weather like a storm lighter and offers more safety. By pressing the button, the arc between the electrodes builds up immediately. A protective cover prevents unintentional ignition. As soon as you release the button, but after 7 seconds at the latest, the arc is automatically interrupted.

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Metal, Plastic
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