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1. Relaxdays Kühlpads

Cool Packs For Treatment

The reusable compressions are a beneficial rescue in a first aid box. They can be used in many ways, for example, after a minor sports
injury or for easing muscle ache. After your done, the cool pack can be put back in the fridge or freezer, to use again at a later time. 2 hours in the fridge or freezer or 4 minutes in warm water is all that it takes.

Please note: Never use damaged compressions.

2. Puralpina Murmeli herbal ointment warming

Package size: 100 ml, Symptom: muscle pain, Area of application: whole body; muscles, Product type: cream.

Puralpina Murmeli herbal ointment warming (1 x, 100 ml, 100 g)
Muscle creams

Puralpina Murmeli herbal ointment warming

1 x, 100 ml, 100 g


3. Perskindol Thermo Hot

Perskindol Thermo Hot Gel for back and neck pain, stiff neck and more. Easy application - fast effect. For the relief of pain and tension in the area: back, lumbar vertebrae, neck, shoulder. Supportive for: acute torticollis (stiff neck), sciatic pain, Lumbago. For short or long periods of use. Absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy film or residue. 

Perskindol Thermo Hot (200 x, 200 ml, 222 g)
Muscle creams

Perskindol Thermo Hot

200 x, 200 ml, 222 g


4. Puralpina Murmeli Herbal Ointment

Cools like fresh mountain air - pleasantly calming. Natural ointment with valuable Swiss marmot oil and strong herbs. The marmot herbal ointment cools your joints, ligaments and tendons gently but deeply. A pleasant cold therapy for your body after daily activities such as sport, work and leisure. This marmot ointment brings you soothing relief. Apply the marmot herbal ointment to the desired parts of your body such as joints, ligaments or tendons (do not massage in too much). The Marmot Ointment is very suitable for skin care and can be applied several times a day. Of course it is also compatible for children. 

Puralpina Murmeli Herbal Ointment (1 x, 100 ml)
Muscle creams

Puralpina Murmeli Herbal Ointment

1 x, 100 ml


5. Relaxdays Cooling pad

These versatile gel compresses are suitable for both cold and warm application and should not be missing from any medicine cabinet. A cold treatment with the cooling pads helps to relieve pain from sprains, bruises, toothaches and headaches. Heat therapy with the heat compresses stimulates circulation and relieves tension and helps with period, abdominal and back pain. Thanks to the tight seal, the cooling gel pads are protected against leakage. 

6. Thermacare Heat pads

Deeply effective muscle relaxation without medicaments. ThermaCare soothes muscular pain in the neck, shoulder and arm areas. ThermaCare thermal pads unfold the recommended therapeutic heat of 40°C over a period of at least 12 hours. In contrast to the back cover, it was technically possible to use a larger amount of iron powder in the heat cells for the neck rest. This allows the heat to be held even longer. ThermaCare heat pads uniquely combine the positive mechanisms of long-term warmth and deep warmth for targeted and effective pain relief for the neck, shoulder and arms. In addition, the heat pad adapts very well to the area of your neck, shoulder and arms and is thin enough to be worn discreetly under your clothes. Thermacare pain relieving heat pads for neck and shoulders. To relieve pain in the neck, shoulder and arm areas, ThermaCare neck warmers can generate effective deep heat for up to twelve hours. Here, too, the recommended therapeutic temperature of 40°C is maintained continuously. This is technically possible due to a larger amount of iron powder in the heat cells, in contrast to the back compresses, which have a heat effect of about eight hours. Ingredients: iron powder, salt, activated carbon and water. 

7. Relaxdays Ice Pack

Shoulder Wrap Ice Pack. It is important to treat sport’s injuries as quickly as possible to prevent any latter complications. The large cooling pad is for ideal use on shoulders and is comfortable to use thanks to the strap with a hook and loop fastener. The use of the compression can be done either hot or cold depending on the need. A great way to relieve aches and pains due to sport’s injuries like tearing, bruising and infections. The ice pack can be used over and over again. 

8. Apothekers Original Medic horse ointment

Package size: 600 ml, product type: cream, natural life: No, Application: Muscles, Joints, Symptom: Joint pain, Back pain, Muscle pain

Apothekers Original Medic horse ointment (1 x, 600 ml)
Muscle creams

Apothekers Original Medic horse ointment

1 x, 600 ml


9. Perskindol Cool Arnica Gel

Perskindol Cool Gel Arnica is a locally acting, externally applied medicine. The gel contains arnica and levomenthol. Levomenthol dilates blood vessels, refreshes the skin, relieves pain and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It also contains an analgesic component of plant origin (arnica), which is responsible for rapid cooling and pain relief of the affected part of the body. The gel is applied for symptomatic treatment of hematomas (bruises) resulting from blunt injuries such as bruises, contusions, strains and dislocations. The active ingredients of Perskindol Cool Gel Arnica are rapidly absorbed into the skin and act directly in the underlying tissue and joint areas. 

Perskindol Cool Arnica Gel
Muscle creams
23.80was 25.50238.–/1l

Perskindol Cool Arnica Gel


10. Nexcare ColdHot cold spray

For initial treatment. Immediate cold therapy for fast pain relief. For bruises or sprains. 3M Nexcare Cold Spray.

Nexcare ColdHot cold spray (1 x, 150 ml, 146 g)
Muscle creams
Quantity discount
6.80per piece for 3 units45.33/1l

Nexcare ColdHot cold spray

1 x, 150 ml, 146 g