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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. ghd Heat Protect

Deeply conditioning, the ghd Heat Protect Spray creates a veil of protection over your hair, shielding every strand from the consequences of heat damage. Suitable for use on damp or dry locks, the non-sticky spray works to prevent split ends and reduce breakage, leaving you with healthy-looking, super smooth strands from root to tip. Formulated with the brand's innovative Heat Protect System, it can be layered with other styling products or used with hair dryers, stylers and tongs for ultimate protection without added weight. 

2. Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Powder

Slick Gorilla Hair Powder creates a natural look, adding invisible hold, volume and strength with a matte finish.

3. ghd Curly Ever After

A light and non-sticky spray that works with your styler, curler or hot curler to create perfectly defined and long-lasting curls while protecting against heat damage. Ideal for long-lasting curls, waves and movement. 

4. Mootes sea salt

To the soft sand, the warm rays of the sun and the salty sea water that has fixed your hair in a very natural way? With Mootes Sea Salt Hair Spray you can bring home the enhanced natural hair styling experience. Because it contains not only seawater, but also a number of other ingredients that support your hair. These include hydrolysed keratin, which is a true miracle cure. It not only gives your hair a shine and volume, but also keeps it smooth and easy to comb. At the same time it surrounds your hair with a protective film and reduces the risk of electrostatic charges. Keratin is completely natural and is also found in the body. 

5. ghd Final Fix

The fragrant ghd Style Final Fix Hairspray gives your hair a firm yet flexible hold. Practical: It can be easily combed out for re-styling and is resistant to air humidity - a single application provides support, no matter what the weather. Ideal for: more hold; hold updos; avoid unevenness in straight hair and curls, waves and volume in damp or warm weather conditions; straighten protruding hair. Application: Spray on your hair from a distance of 30 cm for a long hold. Styling tip: To immediately refresh the hairline of dry hair, spray the product upside down onto the hairline. Wait a few seconds before moving your head back and proceeding with styling. 

ghd Final Fix (400 ml)
Hair sprays
15.20was 16.9038.–/1l

ghd Final Fix

400 ml


6. Wella Eimi Dynamic Fix

You want flexibility for your hair too? Then the modelling of Wella Professionals, which becomes firm within 45 seconds, is just the right thing for you. You have 45 seconds to style your hair, reconsider or perfect your look. A holding wheel 2 keeps your hair perfectly styled all day long. 

Wella Eimi Dynamic Fix (300 ml)
Hair sprays

Wella Eimi Dynamic Fix

300 ml


7. Color Wow Dream Coat

Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is the key to sleek, shiny, humidity-resistant "glass hair". Super natural sealant. Innovative, ultra-light spray (for all hair types) doesn't weigh hair down or leave a greasy residue - feels like no styling product has been applied to hair. 

8. Meraki Sea salt spray (309770301)

Meraki - Sea salt spray (309770301) /Hair care /150.

9. Slick Gorilla Salt Spray

This paraben-free sea salt spray gives your hair that tousled beach look. It also conditions hair and scalp, while the seaweed extract moisturizes and strengthens hair - and the unique formula provides styling control and reduces frizz. It provides protection from the heat of styling tools and the sun's UV rays. Himalayan Pink Salt - conditions and stimulates the scalp, Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) - adds volume and helps reduce greasiness, Organic Aloe Vera - promotes a healthy scalp, Pro-Vitamin B5 - helps strengthen and maintain healthy hair, Style Control and Reduced Frizz - a natural ingredient and styling polymer provide full control and protect against frizz, Seaweed (Carrageenan) extract - helps to moisturise and keep hair strong, Heat Protection - protects against heat damage that can be caused by modern styling tools, UV / Photo Defence - protects against the damaging effects of the sun. An active ingredient derived from natural sunflower plants. Free from parabens. Vegan, not tested on animals. 

Slick Gorilla Salt Spray (200 ml)
Hair sprays

Slick Gorilla Salt Spray

200 ml


10. Syoss Styling Spray Heat Protect

The Syoss mission is to provide you with the salon quality your hair deserves. Founded in Japan, Syoss stands for professional formula quality and for excellent results with every application. Thermal Heat Protection - Protection for up to 220 °C. Protects hair from drying out. Gives ultimate smoothing control. Reduces frizz for 24 h. ApplicationOn damp hair: Distribute evenly throughout the hair before blow-drying and then straighten dry hair. On dry hair: Separate hair strands and spray directly before straightening. Spray from a distance of 25 cm. Important note: Do not use straighteners on damp hair, this may damage the hair. 

Syoss Styling Spray Heat Protect (250 ml)
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Syoss Styling Spray Heat Protect

250 ml