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1. Perskindol Thermo Hot

Perskindol Thermo Hot Gel for back and neck pain, stiff neck and more. Easy application - fast effect. For the relief of pain and tension in the area: back, lumbar vertebrae, neck, shoulder. Supportive for: acute torticollis (stiff neck), sciatic pain, Lumbago. For short or long periods of use. Absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy film or residue. 

Perskindol Thermo Hot (200 x, 200 ml, 222 g)
Muscle creams

Perskindol Thermo Hot

200 x, 200 ml, 222 g


2. Thermacare Heat wraps

ThermaCare back wraps are particularly suitable for the treatment of tension in the lower back area. The skin-friendly envelopes with 16 patented heat cells are infinitely variable in size thanks to the elastic material and Velcro fastener. 

Thermacare Heat wraps (6 x, 6 ml, 426 g)
Muscle creams

Thermacare Heat wraps

6 x, 6 ml, 426 g


3. Perskindol Active

Perskindol Active Roll on with essential oils has a cooling, analgesic and then pleasantly warming effect. It relieves the muscle pain associated with everyday activities and sports. 

Perskindol Active (75 x, 75 ml, 111 g)
Muscle creams
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Perskindol Active

75 x, 75 ml, 111 g


4. Nexcare ColdHot Flexible

Provides instant, natural pain relief. Cold gel compress for swelling, inflammation and pain. Hot gel compress for muscle aches, cramps and stiffness. Reusable pack with non-toxic gel. Safe for the whole family. Segmented gel pack flexes easily to any body part making it perfect for joints. Includes a protective strapping cover with Thinsulate fabric layer for hands free application. Environmentally friendly - made with 99% biodegradable gel. Nexcare ColdHot Flexible Pack is the medium, gel compress for natural pain relief. Non-toxic, 99% biodegradable, it's safe for the whole family. It can be used cold or hot and its segmented structure means it conforms to any part of your body. A reusable flexible cold/hot gel compress designed for for active people to help relieve muscle and joint pain. 

5. Apothekers Original Medic horse ointment

Package size: 600 ml, product type: cream, natural life: No, Application: Muscles, Joints, Symptom: Joint pain, Back pain, Muscle pain

Apothekers Original Medic horse ointment (1 x, 600 ml)
Muscle creams

Apothekers Original Medic horse ointment

1 x, 600 ml


6. Perskindol Cool Gel

Perskindol (R) Cool Cooling Gel/Cooling SprayPerskindol Cool is an externally applied medicinal product for cold therapy. Perskindol Cool cooling gel and cooling spray have been developed as an effective cold therapy for sports injuries. The gel and spray contain levomenthol. This substance, derived from peppermint oil, cools the skin, stops pain and helps to reduce swelling in blunt injuries.Acts to relieve pain in- strains- contusions- sprains- dislocations- contusions- bruisesThese are medicines. Read the package leaflet and get advice. 

Perskindol Cool Gel
Muscle creams
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Perskindol Cool Gel


7. Pernaton Green-lipped Mussel Gel

Pernaton care gel with green-lipped mussel extract and essential oils. For external use. With high-quality glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and purest Perna extract, the special vital substances from the sea. Contains valuable essential oils. Cools immediately and pleasantly. Smells pleasantly fresh. Grease-free. Absorbs immediately. Application: Massage into desired areas such as neck, shoulders, back, elbows, arms, knees, legs and feet several times daily. Use externally only. Not suitable for young children. Do not use under airtight compresses. Avoid contact with eyes. 

Pernaton Green-lipped Mussel Gel (250 x, 250 ml, 292 g)
Muscle creams

Pernaton Green-lipped Mussel Gel

250 x, 250 ml, 292 g


8. Nexcare bio cold heat pack 11x12cm

Different injuries require different types of relief. The Nexcare Reusable Cold/Hot Pack delivers soothing hot or cold therapy in one convenient solution, whether you sprained your ankle or overdid it at the gym. Simply microwave or freeze the pack, and the compress provides relief right where you need it. A convenient elastic strap holds the pack in place, and the pliable design conforms to your injury. Minor bumps and bruises are an inevitable part of living life fully¬-so always be ready to provide your loved ones soothing relief with the Nexcare Reusable Cold/Hot Pack. -Stretchy strap holds the pack in place for hassle-free relief -Flexible design is ideal for use on multiple body parts -Heat therapy is great for muscle aches, cramps, stiffness and arthritis -Cold therapy is ideal for sprains, strains, bumps, bruises and insect bites -Fast, reliable relief -Reuse again and again. 

9. Soufrol Muscle Magnesium

Quickly absorbed, nourishing cream with magnesium sulphate and sulphur (Msm) -relieves the gastrointestinal tract -can be applied to problem areas -quick relief -Menthol provides a pleasant, light cooling effect 

10. Chi Energy China Energy Hot Emulgel

CHi Energy HOT (warming) emulgel Piniol warms muscles and limbs. Immediately noticeable effect after light massage. The CH'i Energy Hot Emulgel dissolves blockages between the meridians and thus strengthens the body's energy flow - to relax and loosen muscles and limbs. With the extract of high-quality Chinese herbs, the Hot Emulgel has a positive influence on the energy pathways (Chi) of the body. For relaxation and loosening of muscles and limbs. Promotes skin circulation and imparts pleasant warmth - immediately noticeable warming after light massage - increases tone before sports and invigorates the body. The products were developed with leading Swiss experts in the Traditional Chinese Method and are based on this millennia-old body of knowledge. 

Chi Energy China Energy Hot Emulgel (75 ml)
Muscle creams

Chi Energy China Energy Hot Emulgel

75 ml