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1. Old Spice Original

If our grandfathers had not used it, we would not exist today. Old Spice Original has been the unmistakable aftershave scent of the experienced man for decades. How to smell good? Trust the instincts of your grandfathers and use the Old Spice aftershave. The scent of manhood. 

Old Spice Original (Aftershave lotion, 100 ml)
Quantity discount
6.55 per piece for 3 units 65.50/1l

Old Spice Original

Aftershave lotion, 100 ml

2. Nivea Men Sensitive

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm immediately cools Men's skin after shaving and is specially formulated for sensitive skin. It regenerates and protects against skin inflammation. Immediately cools, tones and stimulates. Protects against skin inflammation. Helps regenerate the skin. 

Nivea Men Sensitive (Balm, 100 ml)
10.80 108.–/1l

Nivea Men Sensitive

Balm, 100 ml

3. Davidoff cool water

Inspired by water, Davidoff Cool Water Man is an aromatic and fresh fragrance with an intense top note of peppermint and lavender. The heart note is dominated by powerful waves of oakmoss, geranium and sandalwood, complemented by warm, sensual tones of amber and musk in the base. Davidoff Cool Water Man embraces the power of the ocean, and this strength makes this fragrance so seductive. 

Davidoff cool water (Balm, 100 ml)
50.10 501.–/1l

Davidoff cool water

Balm, 100 ml

4. BOSS Boss Bottled

Refreshing and sensual at the same time: the lively fragrance radiates elegance, sophistication and unbridled joie de vivre. The warm, spicy-floral heart note of geranium and a touch of clove is the perfect complement to the fruity fresh top note. Woody aromas of sandalwood and cedar unite in the masculine base note with a sparkling hint of vetiver. Round off your daily care ritual with a touch of this timeless fragrance. 

BOSS Boss Bottled (Aftershave lotion, 100 ml)
36.70 367.–/1l

BOSS Boss Bottled

Aftershave lotion, 100 ml

5. Pitralon Pitralon Swiss

The fame of this aftershave is indestructible and is based not least on the fact that young shaving novices of the 1960s never forgot its legendary sharpness throughout their lives. Of all the Pitralons currently sold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, this one, which is otherwise only available in Switzerland, comes closest to the legendary old Pitralon in terms of ingredients and presentation. The only thing it has in common with the remedy of the same name that can be bought in this country is its origin, but not the later addition of cedar oil and menthol. Instead, it contains geranium oil and ylang-ylang, the oil from the flowers of the tree-like orchid Cananga odorata. 

Pitralon Pitralon Swiss (Aftershave lotion, 160 ml)
Quantity discount
9.40 per piece for 2 units 58.75/1l

Pitralon Pitralon Swiss

Aftershave lotion, 160 ml

6. BOSS Bottled

Boss Bottled is the encapsulation of Boss in a fragrance. Confident and contemporary: clean lines make Boss Bottled an iconic classic. Combining elegance and style, it was designed with the modern man in mind. Vibrant with fresh and sensuous notes, the fragrance exudes distinction, sophistication and pure joie de vivre. Balancing with a fresh and fruity top note, the warm, spicy-floral heart is dominated by geraniums and seasoned with just a dab of clove. The base note is decidedly male, a vibrating harmony of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver. Complete your daily routine with a splash of this timeless fragrance. 

BOSS Bottled (Balm, 75 ml)
20.70 276.–/1l

BOSS Bottled

Balm, 75 ml

7. Biotherm Razor Burn

Refreshing After-Shave for Normal Skin. Immediately soothes razor burn.

Biotherm Razor Burn (Balm, 100 ml)
42.– 420.–/1l

Biotherm Razor Burn

Balm, 100 ml

8. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

Drawing inspiration from the aquatic, woody scent of Acqua Di Giò, this soothing after shave calms the skin and protects the face

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio (Aftershave lotion, 100 ml)
62.90 629.–/1l

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

Aftershave lotion, 100 ml

9. Dior Sauvage

Dior Sauvage After Shave Lotion.

Dior Sauvage (Lotion, 100 ml)
96.75 967.50/1l

Dior Sauvage

Lotion, 100 ml

10. Floid Genuine

Floid The Genuine is a tribute to the roots of the Floid brand. A slightly sweet after shave with menthol extracts. It is specially formulated for men's skin and soothes the skin after a wet shave. A pleasantly classic fragrance that should never be missing in Spanish barbershops. 

Floid Genuine (Aftershave lotion, 400 ml)
26.70 66.75/1l

Floid Genuine

Aftershave lotion, 400 ml