With the gentle hair removal method epilating a smooth and long lasting hair-free skin is achieved. Depending on the hair type, the hairs only grow back after up to 6 weeks. Find the perfect epilator for you!

An epilator does not have blades like a razor, but rather a system of tweezers with which the desired hairs are removed. During epilation, individual hairs are wrapped around the rotating system's continuously opening and closing tweezers and plucked out together with the hair root.

The rotating tweezers are positioned close to the surface of the skin and thus precisely pinch even the shortest hairs without pulling on the skin. Up to 50 tweezers can be integrated in one device. The wider the epilation head and the more tweezers it contains, the more hairs are captured. With current models, much shorter hairs can be plucked than, for example, with wax epilation. This is a nice advantage especially in the summer months.

Epilation doesn't have to hurt: new techniques have created devices that only feel a slight tug. However, some epilators have special massage functions to prevent this phenomenon. The blood circulation is stimulated and the sensation of pain is reduced.

Some models can also be used wet or dry, so more sensitive skin areas - for example the bikini line or underarms - can be epilated even more gently under water in the shower. For best results, the epilator should be positioned at right angles to the body part and against the direction of hair growth along the skin.