Best Panasonic products in the Shavers category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Panasonic products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Panasonic ES-LV6Q

The ES-LV6Q premium bar shaver offers uncompromising shaving comfort with its ultra-flexible 5D shaving head. The innovative shaving head technology adapts to all sides of the face contour and thus prevents unnecessary pressure and skin irritation. In addition, the sharp, nanopolished 30° blades of the Panasonic electric razor ensure close precision and skin protection. The interplay of three different shaving foils makes it possible to achieve even the most unruly hair, with soft sliding rollers supporting the movements of the electric razor. The waterproof design metal housing and Smart Lock travel protection ensure maximum comfort. In addition, you can make your shave very flexible, as the model is a wet-dry razor combination. 

2. Panasonic ES-LV67

The premium wet/dry shaver ES-LV67 with 5-fold shaving head, powerful linear motor and 16D Multi-Flex shaving head ensures the perfect shave. The integrated beard density sensor determines the individual beard structure in real time and adjusts the power of the shaving head accordingly. 

3. Panasonic ES-LV9Q

Ultra-flexible 5D shearing head. Linear motor with 14'000 oscillations/min. always delivers 100% performance - no matter if the battery is freshly charged or almost empty. Skin-friendly soft castors. Bar density sensor for a gentle shave. Stainless steel cutting foil with optimised integral cutter, finely polished 30° blades, fold-out long hair cutter, battery operation (Li-Ion), 1 hour charging time, 50 min. operation, turbo cleaning mode, universal voltage, blue LED display with residual capacity indicator and loading status, Smart Lock function for travel protection, Combo-Pack shearing foil and knife. High-quality stainless steel housing, automatic cleaning and charging station. 

4. Panasonic ES-RT67

Its attractive, ergonomic design combined with a high-quality stainless steel front makes the ES-RT67 an eye-catcher in the bathroom. Thanks to its rubberized sides, it lies securely in the hand even when shaving with water and foam. Equipped with the latest technology, the ES-RT67 is ideal for thorough and gentle wet and dry shaving. Thanks to its triple shaving head with super-sharp 30° blades, it ensures a particularly precise and smooth shave. 

5. Panasonic Shaver for 3 days

The Panasonic foil shaver ER-SP20 is ideal for gently shaving three-day beards.
ER-SP20 is ideally suited. There is no need to touch up with a wet razor after shaving,
as this razor - which can also be taken into the shower - leaves no tiny remnants of hair. In addition, it is light and handy and can be charged during use and also operated uncharged.

It is equipped with a powerful and durable linear motor and lithium-ion battery.
battery. The precise Japanese stainless steel blades
blades are extremely durable and, with a minimal cutting
cutting length of only approx. 0.06 mm for a perfect,
clean finish for the fastest possible shave.

Scope of delivery: Charging station, cable, plug, attachment, oil, protective cap, cleaning brush.

- Professional foil shaver
- Linear motor with lithium-ion battery
- Minimum cutting length only approx. 0.06 mm
- 3-fold shaving head with two outer foils and one middle blade
- Washable housing
- 1 hour charging time for 70 min cordless operation
- Charging status display
- Includes charging station, protective cap for shaving head, oil,
- Can be used with or without cord
- Light weight: 145 g.

Panasonic Shaver for 3 days

Panasonic Shaver for 3 days


Panasonic ES-LS6A Series 900+ Premium Wet / Dry Shaver, black 6-position shaving head with linear motor (ES-LS6A).



7. Panasonic ES-LL21-K503 foil scraper trimmer

Rodzaj: męska | Sposób golenia: na sucho i mokro | Zasilanie: akumulatorowe | Czas pracy bezprzewodowej [min.]: 50 | Czas ładowania [min.]: 60.

Panasonic ES-LL21-K503 foil scraper trimmer

Panasonic ES-LL21-K503 foil scraper trimmer

8. Panasonic ES-LV9U

Shaver Wet/Dry, 20D Multi-Flex head, 5-fold shearing system +cleaning station, matte black The Series 900 Premium Wet/Dry Shaver ES-LV9U from Panasonic is equipped with five precise Japanese blades that provide an especially comfortable and close shave. Thanks to its two soft glide rollers and 20-direction flexible shaving head, a smooth yet effective shave is achieved in no time. The combination of the 70,000 cutting movements / min. with the pure power of the linear motor and the proven nano-polished 30° blades makes the morning shave a real pleasure. The innovative sensor measures the beard density 200 times / sec. and adjusts the motor power accordingly. This ensures an even gentler shave and less skin irritation. For cleaning, the ES-LV9U can simply be placed in the automatic cleaning and charging station. In its matte black premium look, the shaver is also a highlight in any bathroom. 


Panasonic ES-LS9A Series 900+ Premium wet/dry shaver, black 6-position shaving head with linear motor, cleaning and charging station included (ES-LS9A).




10. Panasonic ES-LT67

The super powerful neodymium magnet helps to drive the blades extremely fast to achieve up to 39,000 cross cuts per minute. This ensures an exceptionally powerful and smooth shave. No beard can slow down this ultra-fast linear motor, no matter how thick it is. With a steady cutting speed until the battery is empty.

The 3-blade cutting system is designed to capture and cut all types of hair.
Slitting blades provides improved pre-cutting of long hair.
Outer foils the outer foils, which are only 41 μm thin in places, lift even short hairs from the root for a close shave.

In keeping with the Japanese samurai sword tradition, we have developed ultra-sharp, nano-polished inner blades that are ground to an acute angle of 30°, cutting hair very close to the root. The result is a superior and efficient shaving experience with a minimal number of strokes, even on the chin where beards are closest.

The shaving head moves independently in 12 directions and effortlessly follows the contours of the face and neck to reduce the number of strokes required to shave even flat lying hairs.