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1. Perskindol Thermo Hot

Perskindol Thermo Hot Gel for back and neck pain, stiff neck and more. Easy application - fast effect. For the relief of pain and tension in the area: back, lumbar vertebrae, neck, shoulder. Supportive for: acute torticollis (stiff neck), sciatic pain, Lumbago. For short or long periods of use. Absorbs quickly, leaves no greasy film or residue. 

Perskindol Thermo Hot (200 x, 200 ml, 222 g)
Muscle creams

Perskindol Thermo Hot

200 x, 200 ml, 222 g


2. Perskindol Cool Arnica Gel

Perskindol Cool Gel Arnica is a locally acting, externally applied medicine. The gel contains arnica and levomenthol. Levomenthol dilates blood vessels, refreshes the skin, relieves pain and has an anti-inflammatory effect. It also contains an analgesic component of plant origin (arnica), which is responsible for rapid cooling and pain relief of the affected part of the body. The gel is applied for symptomatic treatment of hematomas (bruises) resulting from blunt injuries such as bruises, contusions, strains and dislocations. The active ingredients of Perskindol Cool Gel Arnica are rapidly absorbed into the skin and act directly in the underlying tissue and joint areas. 

3. Perskindol cool spray

PERSKINDOL Cool is an externally applied medicinal product for cold therapy. Due to its cooling properties, PERSKINDOL Cool is used to relieve pain and reduce swelling in blunt injuries such as after strains, bruises, sprains, dislocations, contusions and bruises.

PERSKINDOL Cool is not greasy.

4. Perskindol Active

Perskindol Active Roll on with essential oils has a cooling, analgesic and then pleasantly warming effect. It relieves the muscle pain associated with everyday activities and sports. 

Perskindol Active (75 x, 75 ml, 111 g)
Muscle creams
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Perskindol Active

75 x, 75 ml, 111 g


5. Perskindol Cool Gel

Perskindol (R) Cool Cooling Gel/Cooling SprayPerskindol Cool is an externally applied medicinal product for cold therapy. Perskindol Cool cooling gel and cooling spray have been developed as an effective cold therapy for sports injuries. The gel and spray contain levomenthol. This substance, derived from peppermint oil, cools the skin, stops pain and helps to reduce swelling in blunt injuries.Acts to relieve pain in- strains- contusions- sprains- dislocations- contusions- bruisesThese are medicines. Read the package leaflet and get advice. 

Perskindol Cool Gel
Muscle creams
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Perskindol Cool Gel


6. Perskindol Classic Gel dispenser to can 1 kg

PERSKINDOL Classic Gel Dosage dispenser to can 1 kg.

Perskindol Classic Gel dispenser to can 1 kg (1 x, 90 g)
Muscle creams
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6.55per piece for 3 units

Perskindol Classic Gel dispenser to can 1 kg

1 x, 90 g

7. Perskindol PERSKINDOL® Active Patch 5 pcs.

Perskindol Active Patch is the latest addition to the yellow line and helps with its herbal ingredients to relieve tension, e.g. in the neck and shoulder area. With its modern gel formula it is ideal for use in the office, at home or on the road. The application as a patch is practical, clean and discreet. Helps relieve muscle tension, tenseness and neck pain and is suitable for relieving pain and relaxing neck muscles. 

8. Perskindol PERSKINDOL® Massage Oil 250 ml

Perskindol Relax Soft-Oil was developed especially for long-term massage. It is appreciated by professionals because it is extremely productive and can also be used on hypersensitive skin. Massage with Perskindol Relax Soft-Oil gently increases blood circulation and pleasantly warms the treated areas of the body. Beneficial during long-term massages, is absorbed into the skin after a pleasant gliding phase, optimal gliding ability and grip, skin caring as well as pleasant and inconspicuous scent, contains no artificial colourings, active cell protection thanks to vitamin E.