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1. ghd Heat Protect

Deeply conditioning, the ghd Heat Protect Spray creates a veil of protection over your hair, shielding every strand from the consequences of heat damage. Suitable for use on damp or dry locks, the non-sticky spray works to prevent split ends and reduce breakage, leaving you with healthy-looking, super smooth strands from root to tip. Formulated with the brand's innovative Heat Protect System, it can be layered with other styling products or used with hair dryers, stylers and tongs for ultimate protection without added weight. 

2. ghd Curly Ever After

A light and non-sticky spray that works with your styler, curler or hot curler to create perfectly defined and long-lasting curls while protecting against heat damage. Ideal for long-lasting curls, waves and movement. 

3. ghd Straight & Smooth

A light spray for smoother, smoother hair while protecting against heat damage. Contains the ghd heat protection system. For a long-lasting, smooth look without frizz and protruding hair.

4-6 Spray on damp or dry hair before using the hairdryer or styler.

Refresh your hair in between with a dash of ghd Style Straight & Smooth Spray before using your styler to smooth it out.

ghd Straight & Smooth (120 ml)
Hair sprays
19.60was 22.90163.33/1l

ghd Straight & Smooth

120 ml


4. ghd Final Fix

The fragrant ghd Style Final Fix Hairspray gives your hair a firm yet flexible hold. Practical: It can be easily combed out for re-styling and is resistant to air humidity - a single application provides support, no matter what the weather. Ideal for: more hold; hold updos; avoid unevenness in straight hair and curls, waves and volume in damp or warm weather conditions; straighten protruding hair. Application: Spray on your hair from a distance of 30 cm for a long hold. Styling tip: To immediately refresh the hairline of dry hair, spray the product upside down onto the hairline. Wait a few seconds before moving your head back and proceeding with styling. 

5. ghd Perfect Ending Final Fix

The fragrant ghd Style Final Fix Hairspray gives your hair a firm yet flexible hold. The small size is ideal for on the go, so your hairstyle stays perfect all day long. Practical: It can be used for a re-styling. 

ghd Perfect Ending Final Fix (75 ml)
Hair sprays
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9.90per piece for 2 units132.–/1l

ghd Perfect Ending Final Fix

75 ml


6. ghd Bodyguard

The ghd Bodyguard - heat protect spray ensures invisible protection from daily thermostyling in both wet and dry hair. With the unique, integrated heat protection system you do not have to compromise on your styling. 

ghd Bodyguard (50 ml)
Hair sprays
Quantity discount
10.50per piece for 2 units210.–/1l

ghd Bodyguard

50 ml


7. ghd Heat Protect Spray 50 ml

PROTECTS YOUR HAIR FROM HEAT DAMAGE DURING STYLING Thanks to the unique ghd heat protection system, the ghd Heat Protect Spray protects wet and dry hair alike from everyday heat exposure. It can easily be used with other styling products to achieve your desired result. IDEAL FOR... Heat protection when using blow dryers, stylers or curling irons while leaving hair feeling product free. HOW TO USE? Spray from the roots towards the ends (about 6-8 sprays for medium to long hair) and comb through to distribute product evenly. STYLING TIP? Use the Heat Protect Spray first if you want to use it together with other styling products. 

8. ghd Style Gift Set

Stocking filler, secret Santa or that extra little gift 'for me, from me'... the limited edition ghd Desire gift set is a festive styling hero. Featuring the best-selling ghd bodyguard heat protection spray and a luxurious emerald green scrunchie, carried in an elegant velvet-touch toiletry bag. 

ghd Style Gift Set (120 ml)
Hair sprays
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ghd Style Gift Set

120 ml


9. ghd Pick Me Up Root Lift

Contains a volume-generating complex that gives maximum volume at the roots in no time and makes the hair look more voluminous after blow-drying. With integrated heat protection system. 

ghd Pick Me Up Root Lift (120 ml)
Hair sprays

ghd Pick Me Up Root Lift

120 ml


10. ghd Heat Protect Gift Set

Secret Santa, stuffing stockings, treats for yourself. Whatever the reason, the ghd wish for a star gift set is the answer. This magical ghd gift set is the perfect mini styling set for the festive season. It contains the ghd heat protection spray, two bejewelled hair accessories and a chic midnight blue accessory set to keep your essentials safe. Always protect your hair with ghd heat protect spray before styling for healthy, beautiful results with a no product feel. For use on dry or damp hair, ghd heat protect spray creates an invisible barrier against everyday heat damage and can be layered with other products to enhance your style. Enhance your holiday look with these sparkling hair accessories for a truly Insta-worthy style. Packaged in a regal accessory bag, this ghd gift set is your holiday hair styling kit. 

ghd Heat Protect Gift Set (120 ml)
Hair sprays

ghd Heat Protect Gift Set

120 ml