Best ghd products in the Hair sprays category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best ghd products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. ghd Heat Protect

Deeply conditioning, the ghd Heat Protect Spray creates a veil of protection over your hair, shielding every strand from the consequences of heat damage. Suitable for use on damp or dry locks, the non-sticky spray works to prevent split ends and reduce breakage, leaving you with healthy-looking, super smooth strands from root to tip. Formulated with the brand's innovative Heat Protect System, it can be layered with other styling products or used with hair dryers, stylers and tongs for ultimate protection without added weight. 

ghd Heat Protect (120 ml)
Hair sprays
19.70 CHF 164.17 CHF/1l

ghd Heat Protect

120 ml

2. ghd bodyguard - for fine hair

Ghd bodyguard - heat protect spray, now for fine and thin hair. Protect your natural volume and achieve fuller looking hair with ghd bodyguard for fine hair. The non-greasy, weightless spray with ghd heat protection system improves manageability and protects fine hair from temperatures up to 230°C, while increasing the diameter of each strand Enhanced styling control makes it easy to achieve tangle-free results. The ghd heat protection system helps to prevent flyaways with the dual action of protective polymers and conditioning agents, levelling the hair surface for smoother, sleeker hair. The ghd bodyguard heat protect spray coats and protects every strand of hair for healthier looking and conditioned hair. ghd bodyguard - for fine hair. The ideal power couple in combination with ghd chronos. compared to naturally dried hair. Consumer test, 101 women, April 2020GHD BODYGUARD - FOR FINE HAIR: the ghd heat protect spray tailored to the needs of fine and thin hair. - HEAT PROTECTION UP TO 230°C: the ghd heat protection system provides a reliable protective layer between hair and heat for heat styling without fear of damage. - FULLER LOOKING HAIR: protects natural volume and increases the diameter of each strand - WEIGHTLESS SHAPING: with bond-building technology for knot-free, weightless results - POWERCOUPLE: the perfect power couple with the ghd chronos styler. How to use: Spray into towel-dried hair from roots to ends and comb through to distribute the product evenly. 

ghd bodyguard - for fine hair (120 ml)
Hair sprays
20.90 CHF 174.17 CHF/1l

ghd bodyguard - for fine hair

120 ml

3. ghd Curly Ever After

A light and non-sticky spray that works with your styler, curler or hot curler to create perfectly defined and long-lasting curls while protecting against heat damage. Ideal for long-lasting curls, waves and movement. 

ghd Curly Ever After (120 ml)
Hair sprays
16.70 CHF 139.17 CHF/1l

ghd Curly Ever After

120 ml

4. ghd Final Fix

The fragrant ghd Style Final Fix Hairspray gives your hair a firm yet flexible hold. Practical: It can be easily combed out for re-styling and is resistant to air humidity - a single application provides support, no matter what the weather. Ideal for: more hold; hold updos; avoid unevenness in straight hair and curls, waves and volume in damp or warm weather conditions; straighten protruding hair. Application: Spray on your hair from a distance of 30 cm for a long hold. Styling tip: To immediately refresh the hairline of dry hair, spray the product upside down onto the hairline. Wait a few seconds before moving your head back and proceeding with styling. 

ghd Final Fix (400 ml)
Hair sprays
17.90 CHF 44.75 CHF/1l

ghd Final Fix

400 ml

5. ghd Bodyguard

The ghd Bodyguard - heat protect spray ensures invisible protection from daily thermostyling in both wet and dry hair. With the unique, integrated heat protection system you do not have to compromise on your styling. 

ghd Bodyguard (50 ml)
Hair sprays
Quantity discount
10.50 CHF per piece for 2 units 210.– CHF/1l

ghd Bodyguard

50 ml

6. ghd Straight & Smooth

A light spray for smoother, smoother hair while protecting against heat damage. Contains the ghd heat protection system. For a long-lasting, smooth look without frizz and protruding hair.

4-6 Spray on damp or dry hair before using the hairdryer or styler.

Refresh your hair in between with a dash of ghd Style Straight & Smooth Spray before using your styler to smooth it out.

ghd Straight & Smooth (120 ml)
Hair sprays
16.70 CHF 139.17 CHF/1l

ghd Straight & Smooth

120 ml

7. ghd Final Shine

This fragrant, weightless spray gives your finished look a healthy and shiny appearance. Ideal for shine and shimmer, while soothed charged and protruding hair, creating a perfect finish like in the hairdresser's salon, easy definition of curls and waves. Spray on your finished hairstyle from a distance of 30 cm. For a light shine effect spray the product onto your brush or hands and then work the spray into your hair. 

ghd Final Shine (100 ml)
Hair sprays
Quantity discount
13.10 CHF per piece for 2 units 131.– CHF/1l

ghd Final Shine

100 ml

8. ghd Pick Me Up Root Lift

Contains a volume-generating complex that gives maximum volume at the roots in no time and makes the hair look more voluminous after blow-drying. With integrated heat protection system. 

ghd Pick Me Up Root Lift (120 ml)
Hair sprays
18.70 CHF 155.83 CHF/1l

ghd Pick Me Up Root Lift

120 ml

9. ghd Perfect Ending Final Fix

The fragrant ghd Style Final Fix Hairspray gives your hair a firm yet flexible hold. The small size is ideal for on the go, so your hairstyle stays perfect all day long. Practical: It can be used for a re-styling. 

ghd Perfect Ending Final Fix (75 ml)
Hair sprays
Quantity discount
10.20 CHF per piece for 2 units 136.– CHF/1l

ghd Perfect Ending Final Fix

75 ml

10. ghd Washbag Spring Summer LE23

Discover the ghd Bundle Bag, the perfect on-the-go styling bag for a good hair day wherever you are. The Bundle Bag contains the travel size ghd bodyguard Heat Protect Spray, a chic hair band and an exclusive black toiletry bag.
Protect your hair even when travelling with the ghd bodyguard - mini size heat protect spray that can easily be stored in your handbag. The ghd signature heat protection system combines protective polymers and conditioning agents to smooth the hair surface and prevent dandruff. The invisible, lightweight formula is suitable for all hair types.
Complete your look with an exclusive black and gold hair band. Carry your styling essentials in style in the luxurious black ghd bag and experience good hair days wherever you go.

ghd Washbag Spring Summer LE23 (50 ml)
Hair sprays
22.70 CHF 454.– CHF/1l

ghd Washbag Spring Summer LE23

50 ml