Best Garnier products in the Hair colouring category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Garnier products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Garnier Good Colour

The permanent hair colour by Garnier GOOD offers up to 8 weeks of long-lasting colour full of shine and covers grey hair up to 100%. The colour is particularly easy to apply with the hands and smells pleasantly of goji berries, orchids and sandalwood. The vegan formula consists of 90% ingredients of natural origin, which provides beautiful effects and colour shades. At the same time, the colour pigments penetrate deep into the hair fibre for a natural-looking colour result. 

Garnier Good Colour (4 Cocoa brown)
Hair colouring
Quantity discount
15.– CHF

Garnier Good Colour

4 Cocoa brown

2. Garnier Olia

Olia gives overwhelmingly intense colour, improves the visible hair quality and guarantees 100% grey coverage. A delicate floral fragrance pampers colouring - the unpleasant smell of ammonia is a thing of the past. 

Garnier Olia (14793 Intense copper)
Hair colouring
Quantity discount
10.50 CHF per piece for 2 units 194.44 CHF/1l

Garnier Olia

14793 Intense copper

3. Garnier Groove cracks

Nutrisse Crème Permanent Hair Colour features shade D+++ Cream Pre-lightener Hair Colour. Permanent lightening hair colour, lightens hair up to 8 levels whilst colouring. It reveals an intense, luminous and long-lasting blonde result. 

Garnier Groove cracks (D+++ Maxi brightener)
Hair colouring
Quantity discount
7.75 CHF per piece for 3 units

Garnier Groove cracks

D+++ Maxi brightener

4. Garnier Belle Color

This colour offers incomparable natural results, care treatment with argan oil, up to 100% grey hair coverage and no helmet effect.

Garnier Belle Color (110 Extra Light Natural Blonde)
Hair colouring
Quantity discount
8.05 CHF per piece for 3 units 201.25 CHF/1l

Garnier Belle Color

110 Extra Light Natural Blonde

5. Garnier Belle Colour

Garnier Belle Colour (5 dark blond)
Hair colouring
12.85 CHF 321.25 CHF/1l

Garnier Belle Colour

5 dark blond

6. Garnier Nutrisse Colorissimos/Ultra Color

Grâce à la coloration permanente Nutrisse Sensation couleur 5.64 rouge terracotta, la couleur des cheveux tient particulièrement longtemps. The colouration without a brush ensures an intense and luminous colour for up to 8 weeks. The cheeks are sensual and beautiful thanks to the intense colour reflections. The rouge shade is also visible on the coloured cheeks and offers a long-lasting colouring result in a darker shade. Le soin protecteur de couleur joint renferme cinq huiles de haute qualité et améliore visibly la qualité des cheveux grâce à his propriétés traitantes. The cheveux are infinitely more luminous thanks to the colour intensity enhancement technology. For a terracotta red colour that evokes magnificent reflections. 

Garnier Nutrisse Colorissimos/Ultra Color (23498 Terracot Chilli)
Hair colouring
Quantity discount
8.15 CHF per piece for 3 units

Garnier Nutrisse Colorissimos/Ultra Color

23498 Terracot Chilli