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The hair is exposed to expensively flashing light. The light is absorbed by the hair roots and converted into heat. This local heat leads to a depopulation of the hair roots.

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Philips - Lumea Prestige (BRI959/00)

Philips - Lumea Prestige + free Rituals gift set (BRI954/00)

Philips - Lumea Prestige (BRI954/00)

Braun - Silk-Expert Pro 5 (PL5124)

Beurer - Salon Pro System (IPL 10000+)

Beurer - Pure Skin Pro (IPL5500)

Braun - Silk-Expert Pro 3 (PL3132)

Braun - Silk-expert 3 (BD 3003)

Silk'n - Motion (FGP1)

Remington - i-Light IPL6780 (IPL6780)

Braun - Silk-expert 5 (BD 5009)

Silk'n - Blue Box

Remington - i-Light Essential IPL6250 (IPL6250)

Braun - Silk-Expert Pro 5 (PL5117)

Silk'n - Glide Infinity Premium Smooth