Infrared lamps

For you and your well-being we have a large selection of high-quality and favorable heat lamps, also infrared lamps mentioned, in our Shop. No matter whether you suffer from tension, skin diseases, chronic colds or joint and muscle pain: the medical warming effect of an infrared lamp is used for various therapeutic purposes. That's why you should buy your own voltage-releasing red light lamp before the cold and wet winter season. So you can also strengthen your immune system without vaccination preventively and sustainably.
Since time immemorial people swear by the gentle treatment with the heat lamp. The simple application of the infrared lamp is one of the natural and economical household remedies to alleviate complaints such as neck tension, back pain or sinusitis. With its medically and tension-releasing infrared rays, the heat lamp should not be missing in any household.

Infra what?
The forces of the heat lamp unfold through its so-called infrared rays as soon as they hit the skin surface. Unlike UV, however, these rays are not harmful, but even beneficial to health. The heat expands the blood vessels and more oxygen-rich blood flows through your body. The affected painful skin areas and tense muscles can now heal faster due to the stimulated blood circulation. This method is also suitable for beauty care and relief of external skin inflammations such as acne. In pregnancy it helps you to relieve your back pain and in old age you can use it specifically for rheumatism.

The right dosage
Even if the warming rays are good for your health, it is still important to take care of the correct application and dosage: a minimum distance of 30-50 cm between your skin and your infrared lamp is usually recommended. You can use the warming lamp daily, but you should not exceed the maximum duration of 15 minutes per treatment. For a facial application, always wear protective goggles and remove make-up or other products from your skin thoroughly beforehand. You should also take off jewelry before the start of the course, so that it does not heat up.
Find the right heat lamp for your personal needs
Depending on the complaints you are looking for on your skin with a red light lamp, infrared lamp types with a round point emitter are more suitable for treating smaller areas of the elbows or head areas, for example. If, on the other hand, you want to reach large areas of your body, such as your back or shoulders, a surface radiator is the perfect solution. The function of the red rays is always the same, but the models differ in their wattage and accordingly the strength of the heat is stronger or weaker. As a rule, 150-200 watts are completely sufficient.

It's getting darker, starting to glow today.
Heat lamps are truly miracle lamps: don't wait until the next flu wave, but start shining today and order your own infrared lamp. So you defy even the dreariest winter.

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