Face cleansing devices

Face cleansing devices

Among the facial care products in our range you will find various tools that will make your facial skin shine. Save yourself the costly trip to the beautician and bring your beauty studio home. Cleansing brushes, microdermabrasion, facial massage devices and facial saunas ensure a cleaner skin, refined pores, more elastic and firmer skin and other anti-aging effects for a flawless complexion. Select your desired tool under the filter option "Maintenance device type".

Electric facial cleansing brushes are used to remove make-up residue and other dirt particles on your facial skin, thoroughly cleanse blocked pores and gently remove dead skin cells. By means of fast but gentle movements, this is achieved more effectively and gently with so-called Sonic cleaning brushes than by hand. The different models work partly with pulsations but also with rotating and vibrating brush heads. Some brands offer different brush head attachments with different bristles to suit the needs of different skin types. Most cleaning brushes consist of fine, soft bristle fibres. Increasingly, however, suppliers are also relying on devices made of hygienic, durable silicone. Some facial cleansers are multifunctional thanks to various attachments and can be used not only as a cleansing brush, but also, for example, as a precision epilator for facial hair or eyebrow shaping, as a facial massager or peeling device.

The ultra-fine steam in the facial sauna penetrates into the skin of the face, thereby moisturising it and improving its elasticity. With warm steam, pores are opened. The aim is that this improves the removal of sebum and impurities and also promotes blood circulation. Cold steam is used to shrink large pores and make your skin appear firmer, smoother and more vital. The facial sauna is considered the ideal preparation of your skin for the subsequent absorption of care products. Especially in winter, regular use of dry air is recommended by the manufacturers.

Microdermabrasion promises skin rejuvenation treatment without chemical agents: With the smallest crystals the uppermost skin layer is removed in microdermabrasion. This should activate the skin's own collagen and elastin production. This is done with the aim of making the skin more elastic and firmer, refining the pores, reducing the depth of wrinkles and optimizing the skin's absorption of active ingredients. According to the manufacturers, scars, pigment disorders, keratinized skin areas, stretch marks, skin impurities and large pores can also be treated with it.

Other anti-aging devices for treatment at home work with different technologies such as heat, light, vibrations or electrical impulses. By tightening the skin, renewing skin cells or stimulating blood circulation, they achieve a rejuvenated skin appearance.