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1. Silk'n LED FaceMask 100

Skin improvement through LED light therapy. Give your skin a real kick with the power of LED light. The Silk'n LED Face Mask 100 is the trend in skin enhancement. It uses red, blue, yellow and violet LED light to treat ageing, acne and dry skin, among others. Would you like to have visibly more perfect skin? LED light therapy (red, blue, yellow and violet). Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Helps with acne and blemished skin. Improves blood circulation and skin texture. Soothes and calms. LED light therapy that transforms your skin. The Silk'n LED Face Mask 100 uses LED (Light Emitting Diode) light therapy. This method was originally developed to speed up wound healing. Nowadays, however, it is increasingly used for skin care. And this is not surprising at all, because studies have proven that LED light stimulates cell division and the production of new cells and supports tissue repair. That's why it's used in skin clinics around the world to improve the condition of the skin, for example to counteract ageing. Thanks to the Silk'n LED Face Mask 100, you can now perform these popular treatments in the comfort of your own home. The 4-in-1 mask to improve the overall appearance of the skin. Silk'n LED Face Mask 100 uses four LED light colours, each with a different wavelength to target a specific area of application. The mask contains 100 lights. Each colour and wavelength of the mask treats a different skin problem. In this way, the general condition of the skin is improved and imperfections are evened out. The wavelength is given below in nm, which stands for nanometre. This indicates how deeply the light can penetrate the skin. Red light penetrates deeper into the skin than blue light, which mainly works on the surface. In Automatic mode, the skin is treated with all colours. In Manual mode, you can select a specific colour and treatment. 1. the LED light (red, blue, yellow or purple) is absorbed by the skin and dermis. 2. the cell activity helps to renew skin cells and repair aged tissue. 3. the skin looks more beautiful and radiant than before. Opt for radiantly beautiful skin. Unlike many hard, inflexible plastic masks, the Silk'n LED Face Mask 100 is made of soft, flexible and natural silicone. This ensures optimal wearing comfort. In addition, thanks to the four straps that attach the mask to the back and top of your head, you can move freely around the house during the treatment. 10 - 15 minutes are enough to make your skin glow and achieve a visible improvement in the long term. Say yes to visibly more beautiful skin... 

2. Braun FaceSpa Pro

Braun FaceSpa Pro SE921 is the world's first all-in-one facial epilator. Gently remove facial hairs at the root with the epilation attachment for long-lasting smooth skin. The gentle cleansing brush removes make-up, while the MicroVibrating head works with your lotion or cream for smoother skin. The FaceSpa Pro SE921 has 10 micro-holes to capture even the finest hairs. Thanks to the Wet & Dry function, you can use the device wirelessly under water for 90 minutes. The device has been dermatologically tested and accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. Try it for 100 days without risk.

Included in delivery:
1x FaceSpa epilator ladies
1x Sensitive facial cleansing brush
1x Skin tightening attachment
1x holder
1x storage bag
1x Charger

3. Beurer FC 42

This powerful FC 41 deep pore cleanser from Beurer enables particularly effective cleaning of the pores thanks to the latest vacuum technology. The pore cleanser removes pimples, blackheads and excess skin flakes with the round attachments. It also has an oval attachment that improves skin elasticity and blood circulation in the face. The facial pore cleanser allows you to cleanse and care for your skin individually according to your preferences with a total of 5 intensity levels. In addition, the cleanser has a bright LCD display that shows the battery level and the intensity level.

Colour: white and violet | Material: plastic | Dimensions: 4.3 x 16.9 cm (diameter x H) | Voltage: 5 V | Power: 3 W | Weight: 156 g | Battery operating time: Approx. 1.5 h operation (at intensity level 5) | Battery capacity: 900 mAh lithium-ion | Charging time: Approx. 5 hours | 3 different attachments | LCD display for battery status and intensity level | 5 intensity levels | Includes replacement filter | Modern design | Vacuum technology | For all skin types | Delivery includes: | 1 x round attachment (large) | 1 x round attachment (small) | 1 x oval attachment | 10 x replacement filters | 2 x sealing ring | 1 x filter cover | 1 × USB charging cable | 1 x user manual

4. Beurer FC 95 Pureo Deep Cleansing

Up to 6 times more thorough cleaning than with the Hand. Waterproof to IPX-7 for use in shower and bath . 3 speed settings. Illuminated On/Off Switch. Indicator light for the speedometer. Incl. 1-minute Timer (3x20 seconds). 2 Rotationsstufen: Circular Rotation: For a particularly gentle cleansing. Oscillating Rotation: For thorough cleaning for a smooth, soft feel to the skin. With 4 Bürstenaufsätzen for a versatile application. 

5. Biotulin Skin Roller

540 - ultra-fine tips made of high-quality surgical steel, specially formulated for the viscosity of Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel, penetrate gently into the top layer of skin and carefully remove dead cells. Your skin will be smoother, fresher and more radiant. The application guarantees an intensive absorption of the Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel. Through the opening of the capillary it penetrates deep into the skin layer and unfolds its effect optimally.

Creams instead of injections - the beauty secret of the stars. Fewer wrinkles and a visibly younger appearance in 60 minutes?

The active substance combination Biotulin developed in Germany is not equal in its effect to a dermatological treatment, but leads optically (within the scope of its possibilities as a cosmetic product) to similar results.

Biotulin Skin Roller (Skin tightening apparatus)
Face cleansing devices
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12.10per piece for 2 units

Biotulin Skin Roller

Skin tightening apparatus

6. Bebird Ear Cleaner C3

The Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner C3 has been designed to help users effectively care for their ears. With a built-in 3 million pixel endoscope camera and 6 LEDs, the device allows you to closely monitor the earwax removal process in real time via your smartphone. The lens diameter of the device is only 3.5 mm, so that it can fit comfortably into the ear canal. The intelligent 3-axis gyroscope provides a 360 ° wide viewing angle image display. The Bebird Smart Ear Cleaner C3 uses a high-speed WiFi chip to transmit video to your smartphone smoothly and clearly in real time at up to 30fps. The device is equipped with a 250mAh rechargeable lithium battery for stable continuous use for up to 90 minutes. 

7. FAQ FAQ™ 102

A true upgrade in skincare - FAQ™ 102 is an amazingly powerful device that combines the world's most popular anti-ageing treatments into one elegant solution. The combined power of clinically proven anti-ageing features such as radio frequency (RF) and LED light therapy is enhanced: in addition to RF and advanced full-spectrum LED light therapy, FAQ™ 102 now combines EMS - electrical muscle stimulation - with electrical pulses for unparalleled skin firmness. Together with the famous, patented T-Sonic™ pulsations, this creates a firework of first-class, clinical technologies that complement each other and are combined in a single ultra-hygienic device. The combination of EMS with the FAQ™ P1 Manuka Honey Primer ensures safe application and the best results: The face is contoured in a non-invasive way, the skin is tightened and shines with a new, youthful glow. The integrated Anti-Shock System™ provides ultimate comfort and protection throughout the application. Thanks to the Power RF technology, the skin is only stressed enough to stimulate the production of new collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines from within while the full spectrum LED light therapy reduces skin irregularities and promotes its natural regeneration process. And all without filters or fillers - just FAQ™ 102! 

8. TriPollar VX Gold2 ultimate skin care anti ageing RF-DMA

The TriPollar STOP Vx GOLD 2 combines the power of TURBO RF and DMA technologies in a next generation treatment to effectively tighten your facial features and smooth the skin. This is achieved by Multi-RF technology using mutually exchanging radiofrequency waves and distributing heat evenly throughout the dermis layer to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibres, while DMA technology targets the muscles to improve muscle tone and effectively increase muscle density and volume over the long term. Thanks to these two innovative technologies working in sync, the TriPollar STOP Vx GOLD 2 delivers amazing results that lift and tighten facial features such as the jawline, plumping and tightening sagging skin while reducing wrinkles. And with the addition of Thermal Mapping, you can achieve all these results with even greater efficiency. So you can comfortably go from. 

9. dm ebelin Blackhead Remover

The ebelin blackhead remover gently and hygienically removes pimples, blackheads and skin impurities. It is made of stainless steel, particularly hygienic and durable. The large loop removes pimples, the small frees the skin from blackheads. How to use: Step 1: Thoroughly clean your face with a scrub or steam bath. Step 2: Place loop on blackhead or pimple, press gently and slowly peel off the skin impurity. Start with light pressure on the skin and increase gently. Do not squeeze. Step 3: Clean the face and device with clear water. 

dm ebelin Blackhead Remover (Facial cleansing apparatus)
Face cleansing devices
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4.15per piece for 4 units

dm ebelin Blackhead Remover

Facial cleansing apparatus

10. FAQ FAQ™ 202

Perfection finally has a name. The full spectrum LED mask with 8 lights, including NIR, heralds a new era of wearables, transforming the beauty industry and giving you access to clinical-grade treatments. FAQ™ 202 is a comfortable LED face mask that feels like a second skin. It is designed to quickly and effectively reduce, renew, refine and combat signs of advanced ageing in all skin types. 7 LED lights bring the restorative power of professional treatments right to your home as the advanced, powerful NIR penetrates deeper than red LED light to help diminish fine lines, sun spots, wrinkles and sagging. Connect your FAQ™ 202 via the app for pre-programmed facials or simply customise the features to suit your needs. The ultra-lightweight, bacteria-resistant optical silicone mimics facial contours with a Flexi-Fit feature, provides even light distribution from 600 strategically placed light replicators and maintains wavelength purity for superior efficacy and beautiful results. The hands-free, cordless mask features a convenient open-eye design that protects the eyes from LED light and allows unhindered movement. No imperfections are hidden and you can enjoy your skin to the fullest.