Contact lens solutions + Accessories

Contact lens solutions + Accessories

Here you will find everything about the care of your monthly and weekly lenses.

Starting with the correct storage of your contact lenses: These should be kept exclusively in the designated contact lens case! There they are protected from contamination. With certain types of lens liquids or cleaning systems, the contact lens cases may contain elements that trigger the cleaning processes. Therefore, find out which lens case is compatible with your cleaning system.

The choice of lens solution depends on a number of factors: the length of time you wear the lenses, your individual needs (simplicity of the cleaning process, lifestyle, nature of the tear fluid) and possible allergies. All-in-one solutions are easier and safer to use than peroxide solutions. However, contact lens wearers who have sensitive eyes or allergies to preservatives should choose peroxide solutions because they are preservative-free.

Eye drops or so-called rewetting solutions relieve the discomfort of dry eyes. They are suitable for all types of contact lenses. If you use them regularly, you should contact your ophthalmologist or optician. He can advise you on what other options are available to alleviate the feeling of dry eyes.

Are you a contact lens beginner or do you have trouble inserting your lenses even with practice? Then rely on a contact lens aspirator, an optimal aid for putting on and taking off contact lenses.