Braun Series 3

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With the new Series 3, Braun presents its new Micro Comb technology: Two rows of fine grooves at regular intervals surround the independently movable center trimmer. This means that more hair is captured with each pull and fed to the scissors elements, which makes shaving faster. The difference to other shavers is clearly noticeable, especially in the endurance test on 3-day beards. 3-fold shearing system. Thanks to the perfect cooperation of the double shearing film with the integrated independently movable center trimmer with Micro Comb technology, hair is increasingly being cut short. Even successfully tested on difficult 3-day beards, the 3-fold shearing system cuts both long and short hair in every pass. Three independently movable scissor elements adapt to every facial contour, guaranteeing a smooth shaving experience.

Key specifications

Shaving method
Wet and dry
Power supply
Electrical connection, Rechargeable battery operated
Number of cutting elements
3 x
Shaver type
Foil razor
Exact colour description
Black, Red
Battery life
45 min
Charging time
60 min
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