Best products in the Toy writing boards category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Maped Magical Tablet

Ideal for paperless painting, practicing homework, leaving messages, etc. Screen can be magically erased at the touch of a button. Screen lock possible via button on the back. 

2. Buki Drawing tablet

Write, draw or take notes on the drawing tablet with LCD screen.

3. Peppa Pig Travel Sketcher

With the lightweight Peppa Pig Travel Sketcher, budding artists can now make their drawings and creations on the go. Paint and erase your pictures again and again in a magical way. This creative drawing toy includes 3 fun stamps and a magnetic drawing pen. Have fun drawing your favorite Peppa Pig characters. 

4. Maped Lumi Board

Creative LED light table / drawing table. Ideal for giving free rein to children's creativity. Transferring pictures from templates by means of light projection. Suitable for DIN A4 format. 5 difficulty levels. Battery operation: 4 x LR6/AA batteries (not included). 

5. Ses Magic board

Make the most beautiful drawings on this luxury magnetic drawing board by SES. Draw with the magnetic pen or make fun works of art with the stamps. Want to make a new drawing. simply wipe the board and start again. The drawing board is portable so it's great for on the go. 

6. Hape Game board

This stable wooden panel offers a lot of space for the creativity of the little artists. Paint together with your child with different colours, pencils or chalk. The board has two usable sides. One chalk board and one side with unrollable paper roll. Under the board there is a practical shelf for all painting utensils as well as 3 cups for paint. In addition, the children's board is adjustable so that your child can always paint at a comfortable height. 

7. MediaShop Magic Pad

Painting with magic. Magic Pad is a painting board with 8 cool light effects in tablet design. The 3 double neon colouring pencils in 6 brilliant colours provide super colourful drawing fun. The 30 stencils are perfect for colouring, calculating, writing and much more. You can also use Magic Pad as a notebook, shopping list, in the car or even when travelling. Magic Pad encourages imagination, creativity, learning and hand-eye coordination. The painting board is environmentally friendly and very easy to clean, because the included cleaning cloth removes everything with a wipe. 

8. Sheny Spirograph - Set with Marker (33002152)

9. Creathek Maltafel

Creathek Magnet Maltafel - Contains 1 pen and 4 stamps. There are no limits for creativity.

10. Tomy Maltafel Megasketcher

A magnetic drawing board with a special screen allowing your child to draw clear, crisp pictures. The pictures magically disappear with a sweep of the eraser. Includes 4 stampers to create fun patterns.Ages 3 years and up.