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1. Grammatik aktiv, Deutsch als Fremdsprache, 1. Ausgabe, A1-B1, Verstehen, Üben, Sprechen, MP3-CD z...

Series information:

Fit in German Grammar

The two exercise grammars with language training from the series
Grammar active
are aimed at learners who want to repeat and deepen their knowledge of German grammar from level A1 to C1. They are suitable for use in class or for self-learning. The grammars are equipped with the PagePlayer app. So you can easily play the audio files with your smartphone
or tablet: anytime and anywhere!

The most important things at a glance:

Double-page structure: explanation on the left, exercises on the right

Memorable visualisation of the topics: easy-to-understand explanations with drawings

For every level: varied exercises

Listening and speaking grammar: Listening and speaking exercises to automate structures

Fun practice together: playful speaking exercises with partners

Play back all audio recordings easily via the PagePlayer app

The B1+ workbook is aimed at learners at B1-B2 level who want to review basic grammar. The grammar is repeated at level B1 using varied exercises with simple explanations. The vocabulary also takes into account job-oriented courses.

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The B1+ workbook is aimed at learners at B1-B2 level who want to review the basic grammar. Here, the grammar is repeated at level B1 using varied exercises with simple explanations. The vocabulary also takes into account job-oriented courses.

Grammatik aktiv, Deutsch als Fremdsprache, 1. Ausgabe, A1-B1, Verstehen, Üben, Sprechen, MP3-CD z... (German)

Grammatik aktiv, Deutsch als Fremdsprache, 1. Ausgabe, A1-B1, Verstehen, Üben, Sprechen, MP3-CD z...


2. Kekz Fireman Sam audio chip

Product type: Audio book, Language: German, Age recommendation: 3 years, Age group: Toddlers.

3. Mimik

Do not be afraid! Except of yourself ... A tiny twitch in the corner of the mouth, the smallest change in the pupil are enough for her to "read" the true self of a person: Hannah Herbst is Germany's most experienced expert in facial expression resonance and, as a police consultant, has already convicted many violent criminals. Just as she is struggling with the consequences of memory loss after an operation, she is confronted with the most terrible case of her career: A completely blameless woman has confessed to the bestial murder of her family. There is a confession video that Hannah Herbst must analyse as quickly as possible to prevent further bloodshed. But there is a problem: the murderer in the video ... is herself. 

4. The light within us

The inspiring follow-up to the world bestseller Becoming: Former First Lady Michelle Obama shares her knowledge and powerful strategies for hope and balance in uncertain times.

There may be no easy solutions to the big challenges we face throughout life. However, Michelle Obama is convinced that with some practical tools, we can safely navigate through life's biggest changes. In The Light Within,
she engages in conversation with her readers and addresses those questions that most of us struggle with on a regular basis: How do stable and sincere relationships succeed? How can we find strength and common ground even in conflicts? What tools do we have at our disposal to express self-doubt and helplessness? What can we do when everything suddenly becomes too much?Encouraging stories and inspiring thoughts show us how Michelle Obama thinks about change and challenges and about what is within our power. It is her firm belief that when we shine from within and give our light to others, we allow the richness and potential of our world to shine. In this way we can recognise deeper truth and discover new paths for ourselves. In her role as mother, daughter, wife, friend and First Lady, she shares with us the basic principles and beliefs that have helped her to overcome even the most difficult obstacles in life and to keep growing. She explains valuable practices such as politeness, the courage to be great, and gathering friends and mentors around one's kitchen table. With her distinctive humour, sincerity and compassion, she explores themes of origin, gender and visibility, encouraging her readers to conquer fear, find strength in community and live a courageous life. "W. 

The light within us (Michelle Obama, German)

The light within us

Michelle Obama, German

5. Globi the clever farmer

Globi Verlag Globi der schlaue Bauer CD, GLOBI - Globi der schlaue Bauer CD,.

Globi the clever farmer (Jürg Lendenmann, Audio CD, German)

Globi the clever farmer

Jürg Lendenmann, Audio CD, German


6. VTech V-Story Pocket

Take exciting stories and songs with you wherever you go with V-Story Pocket.... Storyteller with over 3 hours of preloaded audio plays. 35+ built-in audio play content in 3 categories: Stories/Fairy Tales/Poems, Songs, Bedtime Stories. Thanks to the recording function, you can record your own stories (max. 5 recordings of 10 minutes each). With funny jokes and joke questions. Additional story packages can be downloaded free of charge via the VTech Download Manager (approx. 3 hours of additional storage space, several extensions can be stored in parallel). The timer function can be used to determine the number of stories to be read aloud. The flower on the back of the bunny serves as a rotary wheel with which the different modes can be selected. Easy navigation with buttons on the device. LCD screen displays the number of the story currently playing . With USB port for data transfer (USB cable not included). With headphone jack (headphones not included). With practical wrist strap for carrying. Childproof battery compartment and auto power off . Demo batteries are included. 

7. The Dead of Fleat House

The thriller is by Lucinda Riley, the audio book is read by Simone Kabst - a successful combinationSt Stephens, a small boarding school in idyllic Norfolk. One day, 18-year-old Charlie Cavendish dies in Fleat House, one of the dormitories of the traditional school, under mysterious circumstances. The principal hastens to explain that it was a tragic accident, but the police, led by Detective Inspector Jazz Hunter, begin to investigate. She tries to penetrate the boarding school's closed cosmos and soon discovers that Charlie had been a power-hungry young man who tormented his fellow students. Was his death an act of revenge? Jazz dives deep into a web of relationships, emotional dependencies and unpaid bills - and she realizes that she will have to go far back into the past if she wants to unravel the mystery of Fleat House ...slightly abridged reading with Simone Kabst1 MP3-CD, approx. 15h. 

The Dead of Fleat House (Lucinda Riley., Audio CD, German)

The Dead of Fleat House

Lucinda Riley., Audio CD, German

8. Every man for himself and God against all

Memoirs of the famous filmmakerA perpetually hungry boy who fled with his mother from bombed Munich to a desperately poor nest in the Alps. An adolescent with an adventurous spirit, who lost his way alone, fell seriously ill in South Sudan and made his way back to Egypt. A man who has a 340-tonne steamship heave over a mountain in the middle of the jungle and has to keep his raving star Klaus Kinski under control. A man who shows his film about nomads in small sections to his dying friend Bruce Chatwin. A man who walks from Munich to Paris in winter to visit his sick mentor Lotte Eisner. On Werner Herzog's 80th birthday, his memoirs are published, which are anything but a mere curriculum vitae. Desolate and gentle, full of an irrepressible lust for life and amazement at our world. 

Every man for himself and God against all (Werner Duke, German)

Every man for himself and God against all

Werner Duke, German

9. Kybalion - The 7 Hermetic Laws

Note: This audiobook includes a free download coupon that allows you to download the MP3 version of the audiobook for free from the publisher's website.

"The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding." (Kybalion)
The Keys to the Seven Eternal Sacred Principles. For many years there has been a renewed interest in the timeless wisdom of the "Kybalion". Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret"
and today's best-selling authors such as Dan Brown, Thorwald Dethlefsen, Deepak Chopra, Louise L. Hay - they and many others, past and present - draw from this source of knowledge. The "Kybalion" contains the universal wisdom of the great initiate, the master of all masters: Hermes Trismegistos. His teachings, handed down on the legendary Emerald Tablet, are the basis of all Western and Eastern spiritual schools.
In earlier times, the universal and profound wisdom of the "Kybalion" was passed on only orally, from master to disciple. This special tradition of oral transmission is taken up for the first time by this audio book with the original, verbatim contents. Through repeated listening and contemplation, the deeper levels of understanding will open up to you - just as it was in earlier times when the master spoke to his disciple.
We ourselves are continuously evolving, and thus our understanding of the teachings of the "Kybalion" is also growing. This audiobook is a fascinating and multi-layered companion on your personal path of knowledge, always revealing new and deeper aspects of the eternal wisdom.
"He who has ears, let him listen - he who has eyes, let him look...".

Kybalion - The 7 Hermetic Laws (William Walker Atkinson, Audio CD, German)

Kybalion - The 7 Hermetic Laws

William Walker Atkinson, Audio CD, German

10. Track (A Harry Hole Thriller 4)

The 4th case for Harry Hole

During a bank robbery in Oslo, a young employee is shot dead by the perpetrator in cold blood and completely senselessly. Harry Hole, who is put on the case, doesn't let up - because why should a professional suddenly let himself be guided by sadistic emotions? Then one of Hole's ex-lovers is found dead - whom he, of all people, was the last to see alive. Now he himself
is suspected of murder. Hole goes into hiding to investigate on his own. Has someone set a trap for him?

About the series:

Jo Nesbø's crime series about Inspector Harry Hole is a worldwide success and the maverick investigator enjoys cult status. Harry Hole, actually an anti-hero, is brilliant at what he does, but as a human being he regularly fails. It is thanks to his closest friend and head of the department Bjarne Møller that he has not had to resign from the force long ago. Jo Nesbø's crime novels about the Oslo detective are complexly constructed, the characters finely drawn, and with each plot the bestselling author reflects the challenges of a global world.

Track (A Harry Hole Thriller 4) (Jo Nesbø, Audio CD, German)

Track (A Harry Hole Thriller 4)

Jo Nesbø, Audio CD, German