Children's headphones

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    Listen up, everyone: Here are 10 podcasts especially for kids

    by Katja Fischer

Children's headphones

Children's headphones are adapted to fit smaller heads and the volume can be adjusted. An important feature is the decibel limit of 75– 85 decibels. This protects the sensitive ears of children. Kids’ headphones are available with or without cables. Some headphones for little ones also feature Bluetooth and noise-cancelling technology. On-ear headphones that go over the child's ear have adjustable earpieces. The headphones are soft to the touch and padded for optimum comfort. In-ear headphones for children are designed to fit smaller ears and offer a great fit. Many headphones for younger customers are colourful and customisable with stickers.

Our range includes children’s headphones by JBL, JVC, Philips, tonies, Lunii and Lexibook.