Top-rated products in the Toy writing boards category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Hape Game board

This stable wooden panel offers a lot of space for the creativity of the little artists. Paint together with your child with different colours, pencils or chalk. The board has two usable sides. One chalk board and one side with unrollable paper roll. Under the board there is a practical shelf for all painting utensils as well as 3 cups for paint. In addition, the children's board is adjustable so that your child can always paint at a comfortable height. 

2. Tomy Maltafel Megasketcher

A magnetic drawing board with a special screen allowing your child to draw clear, crisp pictures. The pictures magically disappear with a sweep of the eraser. Includes 4 stampers to create fun patterns.Ages 3 years and up. 

3. Creathek Maltafel

Creathek Magnet Maltafel - Contains 1 pen and 4 stamps. There are no limits for creativity.

4. Hape painting paper

The Hape Spiel Tafel is a great toy that is loved by the children. The paper roll will probably be empty after a lot of use. So that the fun of playing is not over yet, you can buy the reels as an accessory. The replacement roller from Hape is simply replaced and the fun can start again. 

5. Creathek Maltafel 2 in 1

Consists of a large blackboard with 4 stamps and pencil and a small blackboard and pencil. When stamping or writing, a black font first appears on both boards.

6. Ses Magic board

Make the most beautiful drawings on this luxury magnetic drawing board by SES. Draw with the magnetic pen or make fun works of art with the stamps. Want to make a new drawing. simply wipe the board and start again. The drawing board is portable so it's great for on the go. 

7. Spielba Stand board

New Classic Toys Chalkboard Beautiful easel with a handy platform, the frame is beech wood. Draw on the blackboard, whiteboard or on the supplied paper roll. The whiteheboard lace is also magnetic. 

8. Spielba Magnetic clearance

The magnetic game learns to represent shapes and colours according to a template. On the back there is a blackboard to write with chalks. Content consists of many templates and building blocks with magnet. 

9. Buki Drawing tablet

Write, draw or take notes on the drawing tablet with LCD screen.

10. Djeco Magnimo

At the magnetic board, the refrigerator or any metal background these animals feel comfortable. The magnetic animals are quickly rearranged and a new, creative game can begin. By the way, the individual animals are made of wood and magnetically coated. A great fun for children to play.