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1. Small foot Matryoshka Bear Family

The bears are loose! These four cute Matryoshka figurines can be easily stacked inside one another. The wooden dolls are painted in great detail and offer great hand-eye coordination practice. Whoever opens Papa Bear will get a surprise: Mama Bear appears, and when she is opened, the two baby bears come out! These cute figurines can also be lined up next to each other according to size, and thereby create possibilities for great stories to be told. The charming bear Matryoshka figurines are versatile toys and an evergreen in the children's room. 

2. Small foot Stacking Cube

Stacking fun in trendy colors. Five pastel-colored stacking cubes and the matching wooden animal figures are just waiting to be stacked and matched. Four cubes have door and window openings to hide the figures. Playful illustrations provide guidance for the correct sequence of stacking cubes and dots on the top of the cubes motivate learning to count. Sorting and stacking trains understanding of colors and sizes and promotes motor skills. Who brings the stacking cubes in the right order? All cube pages are especially child-friendly and lovingly designed. 

3. Small foot Colourful

"Help me do it by myself." is exactly what the Montessori pedagogy recommends. This brightly coloured puzzle game encourages kids to compare, organise, count, measure, and structure. This toy made of solid wood is distinguished by its simplicity and clarity. The senses of feeling and touching will be especially trained with this toy. The differentiation of the different weights and the task of organising will assist children in the development of their perception, intelligence, and personality. 

4. Small foot Stacking cube safari

Animal stacking fun. With these ten stacking cubes in modern, child-friendly safari look, little builders can prove their stacking skills. The stacking cubes are decorated with cute motifs from the animal world and the numbers 1-10. The number of animals shown on a cube corresponds to the number on the back of the cube. So children develop playfully a first understanding of numbers and learn about different animals. Who puts the cubes in the right order? When sorting and stacking the safari cubes, the little ones train motor skills, concentration and dexterity, while at the same time developing an understanding of colors and sizes. After playing, the cubes can be easily inserted into each other and stored in the largest cube to save space. 

5. Small foot Caterpillar Nimmersatt picture sorting box

Sort pictures with the little caterpillar Nimmersatt. This handy, 19-piece sorting game made of wood trains the recognition of shape and colour with its colourful design. The boards with the printed motifs are simply placed on the slot in the lid so that the wooden plates can be assigned to the matching motifs. The box, which can be closed very easily with an elastic band and a wooden knob, also impresses with its high wood content. 

Small foot Caterpillar Nimmersatt picture sorting box
Sorting games

Small foot Caterpillar Nimmersatt picture sorting box


6. Small foot Matryoshka Penguin Family

One penguin? Nope, four penguins! These charming Matryoshka figurines are always great for a nice surprise. The lovingly painted wooden Papa Penguin houses the whole family. In addition to being stackable, Mama Penguin and the two baby penguins can also be lined up according to size along with Papa Penguin. These Matryoshka dolls are great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and they also look simply cute! 

7. Small foot Stacking tower rainbow

A rainbow to stack and stick. This stacking tower shines in bright rainbow colours and encourages even the youngest children to sort the different coloured rings according to size and colour. Motor skills, hand-eye coordination and understanding of shapes and sizes are trained. Additional fun is provided by the rounded base, which allows the stacking tower to rock back and forth. A movable pin provides extra safety. Stacking games designed for children provide long-lasting fun. This means that the little ones will not get bored in a hurry. Rainbow colours provide the modern look of this motor skills classic. 

Small foot Stacking tower rainbow
Sorting games
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Small foot Stacking tower rainbow


8. Small foot Pastel

Who's jumping? This cute wooden game comes in trendy pastel shades. The cute forest animals made of sturdy wood are first inserted into the holes. Since the holes are equipped with springs, the animals bounce up again. 

9. Small foot Carrots

Carrot pulling with a difference. This colorful, child-friendly wooden plugging and sorting game follows the Montessori pedagogy and encourages children to independently compare, sort, count and structure. The aim is to match the seven carrots of different sizes to the matching holes in the "bed". Green felt applications give the carrots a realistic design and are also ideal as role-play toys for little vegetable gardeners. With the sorting game inspired by Montessori education, children train fine motor skills, perception as well as size comprehension and classification quite incidentally. 

10. Small foot Geoboard

There are no limits to imagination and creativity in this creative educational game. The aim is to form various geometric shapes and figures on the solid geoboard with the help of the rubber bands. If you are still looking for ideas, simply grab one of the 23 design templates and off you go. Develops spatial perception, hand-eye coordination, imagination and colour and shape recognition. Sturdy wooden board with 64 rounded nail heads for added safety. From houses to vehicles to animals - the design possibilities are endless.