Best Howa products in the Play shops category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Howa products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Howa Market stall Funny

In a bold design and attractive, modern colours, the howa shop creates a cheerful mood in the child’s room. This is complemented by a chic shopping bag and plenty of storage space for the store product range. The market stall can be played with from all sides. 

2. Howa Little baker

The sweet bakery made of wood offers a lot of possibilities for playing. In the oven on the back of the bakery you can bake bread and cake. The practical bread slider helps to push the bread into the oven. On the two magnetic blackboards at the back and front of the bakery you can see the daily offers. If everything is ready, the sale can start! With the help of the tongs, bread, rolls, pretzels and cakes can be packed into the shopping bags. Bread, rolls, croissants, donuts and pretzels can be cut into pieces using a wooden knife. The game money is also included in bakery. The 16-piece accessory set includes: 1 bread, bread, pretzel, croissants and donuts - all for cutting, 4 different cakes, 1 bread slider, 1 wooden knife, 1 tongs, 2 shopping bags and lots of money. 

3. Howa Ice Stand

The fully equipped ice stand offers a lot of fun for the small ice cream sellers. Included in the delivery are 6 different scoops, 4 ice wafers, ice cream on a stick, ice cream scoop and even game money. The ice balls can be placed on the wafer with the ice cream scoop and stick there. 

4. Howa Ice cream parlour Wooden ice cream stand 12 pcs.

Wooden ice cream stand
There's always a delicious ice cream on sale here!
A delicious ice cream always goes down well. With the howa ice cream parlour, the little
ones become ice cream sellers themselves. The rounded ice cream arch is equipped with 3 ice cream scoops and waffles and 4 fruity ice cream sticks. The ice cream stand has a particularly attractive design and impresses with its pleasant, modern colour scheme. The ice cream scoop makes it easy to place the scoops on the waffles and the magnetic mechanism makes them stick as if by magic. The ice cream parlour can be played with individually or is the perfect addition to any shop.

Ice cream parlour details:

The wooden ice cream set consists of a holder, 3 different scoops of ice cream, 3 waffles, a scoop and 4 fruit ice cream sticks

The wooden toy is printed and painted with modern, child-safe colours.

Dimensions of the ice cream stand when filled: Height: 14 cm Width: 17 cm, Depth: 12 cm

Caution! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts that can be swallowed!

Howa Ice cream parlour Wooden ice cream stand 12 pcs.
Play shops
30.90 CHF

Howa Ice cream parlour Wooden ice cream stand 12 pcs.

5. Howa Lucky

Lots of fun with the howa "Lucky" shop
Market stall including chic awning and shopping bag printed with glittering gold fruit.
With our market stall for children,
young salespeople can open their first own shop. Or they can slip into the role of the customer and shop like the grown-ups. Role play promotes social skills and lets children live out their imagination. The all-round playable shop convinces with a child-friendly and modern design and sets a visual highlight in every child's room.

Loving details, such as the pretty awning or the chic shopping bag, make the play experience complete. A special eye-catcher is the wonderful, glittering fruit print on the awning and the shopping bag. The shop is sustainably made of wood. The khaki coloured parts of the children's shop are painted with child-safe paint.

Details of the wooden children's shop:
Shop dimensions: Height: 122 cm Width: 70 cm, Depth: 50 cm

Market stall incl. chic awning and shopping bag printed with gold glittering fruits.

Three wooden boxes and the three lower shelves offer lots of storage space.

The three rotating shelves of the children's market stall can hold the best sales items.

Available for the shop:
We have lots of matching wooden shop accessories for the shop in our range.

The shop is supplied without accessories.

6. Howa Uli

Big classic, stable wooden toy shop with learning clock, blackboard for chalk and 4 drawers (without decoration).

7. Howa Emma

This solid wood store with great awning makes children's hearts beat faster, with plenty of storage space and 3 colorful drawers. (without decoration). Attention. Not suitable for children under 3 years because of swallowable small parts. Choking hazard. 

8. Howa Shop accessories Wooden shopping trolley "Lucky" khaki 48823

Howa wooden toy shopping trolley "Lucky" in natural / khaki with gold glittering fruits
Our "Lucky" wooden shopping trolley for children offers plenty of space
for little shoppers with its spacious basket and lower shelf.

For example, children can put their toy groceries in the trolley and proudly pull them around the house.

The toy shopping trolley is made of wood, which is durable and safe for children. The basket is made of khaki-coloured fabric, printed with gold glittering fruit.

The high-quality wheels make it easy to push and allow children to improve their motor skills and coordination.

The wooden shopping trolley not only promotes creative role play, but also social learning. Children can develop their communication skills while playing shopping with friends, siblings or adults. They learn to count and sort while filling the shopping trolley.

Our children's shopping trolley fits perfectly as an accessory to the shop, for example to our Lucky shopping stand (item no. 47472 and 47479)

Dimensions: width 31 cm, length 45 cm, height 52 cm - handle height 50 cm.

Howa Shop accessories Wooden shopping trolley "Lucky" khaki 48823
Play shops
49.10 CHF

Howa Shop accessories Wooden shopping trolley "Lucky" khaki 48823

9. Howa Wooden shop

Howa's modern wooden shopping stand is combined with the trend colours grey, yellow and white. The shop offers a lot of possibilities to play. The modern cash desk with card reader offers especially much fun and learning opportunities. The play money and credit card are of course included. The small shopper places the products on the integrated roller conveyor to pay his purchase to the cash register. The seller can present his goods wonderfully on the shelves. On the large writing board at the front of the merchant's shop, first attempts at writing can be made or funny drawings can be painted. Large modern wooden shop in a stable design with cash register, card reader, play money, roller conveyor, lots of storage space, sliding door, hooks and writing boards for chalk. The shop has a counter height of 61 cm. Available for sale in the shop: div. shop accessories. Safety advice: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts that can be swallowed. Danger of suffocation.