Car racetracks

On your mark, ready, go! Racing tracks offer the ultimate racing experience: a Formula 1 race track in the living room. Here you will find classic slotcar tracks by Carrera, tracks by Anki that are not track-bound and manually operated race tracks by Hot Wheels. With the filter "Car racetrack type" you can find either the networked tracks, or those where the little ones add speed by hand.

On slotcar tracks the cars follow the track and the speed is controlled by the controller. If you know your way around, you can distinguish between Digital 143, Digital 132 and Digital 124, where the number is used as a scale (for example: "Digital 143" has a scale of 1:43). The smaller the number, the larger, more professional and higher quality the railway.
Anki Overdrive is a new generation of electronic racetracks, as there are no track rails. Instead, the cars are on a course and you can change lanes and overtake.
The manually operated tracks are a perfect introduction to the world of race tracks: With Hot Wheels, children from the age of 4 can race, crash and collect the cars. This brand has been around for more than 50 years and launches action-packed innovations such as the "Megacity Parking Garage" and "Ultimate Garage with Shark Attack" every year. In the Darda brand, the cars work with a retraction mechanism.

Car racing tracks are a lot of fun for the speedsters in the family and are an exciting duel for young and old.

Accessories, spare parts like Carrera grinders and extensions can be found in the category "Track accessories".