Building blocks

As a child, did you also have colorful or simply wood-colored building blocks for stacking or an entire wooden construction kit with which you played all day? As a mum, dad, grandma or grandpa, you will be happy that your gift is pedagogically valuable and will support your child or grandchild. Search our large selection for the right brand for you - Kapla, Tegu, Jabadabado, Plan Toys, Janod, Haba, EverEarth, Egmont and Plan Toys offer building blocks, magnetic building blocks, complete wooden construction kits, hearty stacking towers, individual wooden building blocks, cubes and all sorts of different shapes and designs for building or stacking towers.

For the very little ones, it is best to choose building blocks with few parts and shapes. The older the children get, the more fun they can have playing when assembling as many shapes as possible - for example, the first castle, the first castle or the highest stacking tower you can imagine. Search our online shop for a suitable game carpet at reasonable prices and you're ready to start building.

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Hape - Wonderful Beech Blocks

Kapla - Kindergarten box à 1000 pcs.

Kapla - Holz-Koffer à 280 Stk.

Kapla - Baukasten à 200 Stk.

Tegu - Magnetisches Holzset

Tegu - Holzset

Geomag - Magicube Free Building

Kapla - Octocolor 100 Plättchen

Small foot - Wooden building blocks in bag

Jabadabado - Wooden car car race

Spielba - Holzbausteine

Jabadabado - Stacking cube Panda

Roba - Wooden building set

Piatnik - Bioblo

Janod - Thread game circus