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The Bluefruit LE Friend is your new BLE BFF! This USB-to-BLE board
makes it easy to get your computer talking to your BLE enabled phone
or tablet using a standard serial/UART connection.

In it's simplest form, it works on the same principle as a common
USB/Serial adapter. Any data that you enter via your favorite terminal
emulator on your development machine will be transferred over the air
to the connected phone or tablet, and vice versa, as a basic 'UART'

The short and sweet:

* Completely transparent Data mode for USB to Bluetooth LE UART
connectivity from computer to tablet/phone
* Connect to any phone or tablet with BLE, great for debugging or
developing BLE devices or apps
* Works great with both Nordic (Android/iOS) or Adafruit (iOS) UART
* Uses the fancy Nordic nRF51822 chipset with custom firmware
* Optional Command mode to set GATT services/characteristics,
advertising name/packet, Beacon capability, query status, RSSI, etc.
* Comes with standard Over-the-Air DFU bootloader, reprogram
firmware using any BLE-capable iOS or Android device
* 4 LED indicators: blue connection status, red mode status, orange
and green for RX/TX
* Snap-off SWD connector for advanced JTAG re-programming
* Comes with Nordic nRF58122 developer key

The details:

The Bluefruit Friend is much more, it has a full BLE peripheral stack
and interface software so that you can treat your BLE connection just
like a UART connection - that makes it trivial to use with free
Terminal software or scripting software like python (with pySerial).
Using Bluefruit LE Friend, you can be up and running in under and hour
on just about anything with a USB port, with easy migration across
platforms and operating systems.

To use, simply plug into your computer and flip the switch to either
UART mode (transparent data transfer, anything you type will be sent,
and data from phone is received as well) or CoMmanD mode, where thanks
to an easy to learn AT command set, you can also create you own basic
GATT Services and Characteristics, simulate Beacons, and change the
way that the device name appears/advertises itself.

To make sure that your device stays up to date and can benefit from
the latest Bluefruit LE firmware from Adafruit, you can also update
the firmware on your BLEFriend over the air using any BLE-supported
iOS or Android device. We always try to keep the bar as high as
possible at Adafruit, and one of the biggest advantages of the
BLEFriend and the entire Bluefruit LE family is that we wrote and
maintain all of the firmware running on the devices ourelves from
scratch and we'll be releasing new firmware and bug fixes without
having to rely on a third-party vendor. For super-advanced users, we
have an SWD connector on board that can be used to reprogram the
nrf51822 using Nordic's SDK and an SWD debugger like the J-Link.

Download our free Android/iOS app and you're ready to rock! Using our
Bluefruit iOS App or Android App, you can quickly get your wireless
project prototyped by using your iOS or Android phone/tablet as a
controller. We have a color picker,
quaternion/accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer or location (GPS), and an
8-button control game pad.


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Adafruit Industries Bluefruit LE Friend BLE 4.0 nRF51822 v2.0 Adafruit Industries Bluefruit LE Friend BLE 4.0 nRF51822 v2.0