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Listen to this good news - we now have a breakout board for a super
tiny MEMS microphone.

Just like 'classic' electret microphones, MEMS mics can detect sound
and convert it to voltage, but they don't need a bias resistor or
amplifier, its all in one! The SPW2430 is a small, low cost MEMS mic
with a range of 100Hz - 10KHz, good for just about all general audio

This breakout is best used for projects such as voice changers, audio
recording/sampling, and audio-reactive projects that use FFT. To keep
the breakout small and simple, we only added a 3V voltage regulator
(the microphone requires 3.3V DC) and filter capacitors. No additional
opamp is included, the output peak-to-peak voltage has a 0.67V DC bias
and about 100mVpp (peak-to-peak) when talking near the microphone,
which is good for attaching to something that expects 'line level'
input without clipping. The peak-to-peak can be as high as 1Vpp if
there's a very loud sound. If you need a higher peak-to-peak, a
rail-to-rail op-amp and some resistors can get you boosted up!

Using it is simple: connect GND to ground, Vin to 3.3-5VDC. For the
best performance, use the "quietest" supply available (on an Arduino,
this would be the 3.3V supply). The audio waveform will come out of
the DC pin. The output will have a DC bias of 0.67V so when its
perfectly quiet that's what you'll read, there's a little drift. If
the audio equipment you're using requires AC coupled audio, you can
grab the signal out of the AC pin, which has a 10uF capacitor in

The output pin is not designed to drive speakers or anything but the
smallest in-ear headphones - you'll need an audio amplifier (such as
our 3.7W stereo amp) if you want to connect the amp directly to
speakers. If you're connecting to a microcontroller pin, you don't
need an amplifier or decoupling capacitor - connect the DC pin
directly to the microcontroller ADC pin.


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Adafruit Adafruit Silicon MEMS Microphone Breakout SPW2430 Adafruit Adafruit Silicon MEMS Microphone Breakout SPW2430