Wood protectors

A protective wood coating, regardless of the ingredients, should care for and protect the wood and make it look like new even after years. Because what's the annoyance if the beautiful solid wood table has unsightly stains from the last party or the poor garden and balcony furniture is getting greyer and greyer. 

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AURO - Worktop oil No.108 (Transparent, 0.38l)

Saicos - Special wood oil for terraces (Bangkirai, 2.50l)

OPO - floor sensitivity (Orange, 1l)

Saicos - Special wood oil for terraces (incolore, 2.50l)

Clou - Teak Oil (Colorless, 0.75l)

Saicos - wood de-greyer (Transparent, 1l)

Clou - Wood oil (Colorless, 0.75l)

Xyladecor - Teak furniture oil (Colorless, 0.75l)

AURO - Garden furniture oil (teak, 0.75l)

AURO - PurSolid hard oil 123 (Colorless, 2.50l)

AURO - Wood glaze Aqua (Oxide Green, 0.75l)

AURO - Wood glaze Aqua (Colorless, 0.75l)

Xyladecor - Against woodworms (Colorless, 5l)

Knuchel - Omegol (remedy, 5l)

Xyladecor - Against woodworms (Colorless, 0.13l)