Wheel trims

Hub caps, also often referred to as wheel trims, serve to cover your tyres or rims and protect them from dirt, stones, scratches or dust. In addition, wheel trims embellish the appearance of your car and are often part of the optical tuning of vehicles.

The decision which hubcaps are the right ones is mainly based on the design, as the wheel trims are an essential visual part of a car. Depending on how open the hubcaps are, however, it should be noted that the air supply to the brakes and the protection can be different. Open hubcaps supply more air to the brake system, but provide less protection against dirt and co. In contrast, wheel trims with only small openings offer greater protection, but provide less air for the brakes.

To ensure that you buy the right hubcaps for your car, you must make sure that the size of the hubcaps (in inches) matches the size of your wheels (also in inches). You can easily find the corresponding wheel size on your tyres, which are described like this, for example: 215/55 R16. The last number (here 16) describes the rim size in inches and thus also the required hub cap size.

Once you have identified this size, you can choose between hubcaps in different colours and designs from brands such as Michelin, Sparco, Autostyle or J-Tec to make your car look better and protect it more.

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