Best products in the Indoor gardening equipment category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Royal Gardineer Soil Moisture Meter

Create the ideal environment for every plant: The small measuring device gives you information about the moisture of ailing plants. Yellow leaves and drooping flowers are a thing of the past. Easy to use: Simply insert the soil meter into the soil - and you'll see when it's time to water again. Hydrometer for garden and agriculture. Measures the moisture of soil and plant soil. Precise readings for healthy growth of your plants. Easy to use: Press meter into soil and read values. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. No batteries required. 

2. Eden Perlite

Perlite is highly recommended for bedding young plants and cuttings, alternatively vermiculite. Also suitable for loosening soil. Content per bag: 10lt.

3. Holos pH test strips pH 0 - 14

For pH measurement, pH range: 1 - 14 1 pack of 80 test strips pH-Fix indicator strips with chemically bound indicators are the standard for pH determination with test strips. 

4. Royal Gardineer Combi Soil Meter

Create the ideal environment for every plant: The small measuring device provides you with information on humidity, pH value and the site brightness of ailing plants. Yellow leaves and drooping flowers will be a thing of the past in no time. Simply stick it in the soil and you can see what's wrong. Especially great: The whole thing works electricity-free, because the meter is solar-powered. 3in1 measuring devices in a set of 4: reference value for moisture at the root, pH value of the soil, site brightness (only for outdoor use). Very easy to use: Just plug into the soil. Two measuring probes plus solar cell, current and battery free. Includes table with ideal values for selected plant species. 

5. FloraGuard FloraGuard Vermiculite

Additive for the improvement of potting and container substrates. For your plants at every stage of growth. * vigorous seedlings * healthy cuttings * joyful growth * improvement, loosening and temperature regulation of your cultivated soils. * A natural mineral. Germ-free and neutral (ph7). * Not only a soil loosener, but also a regulator of the water balance (stores several times its own weight in water). * To reduce waste when raising young plants * To reduce fertiliser and irrigation costs * To cover soil pots * To reduce black rot infestation. 

6. Canna Organic Canna Terra Plus Soil 50L

BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus Soil (50L)

CANNA Research has succeeded in developing a biologically certified soil substrate that meets the international standard applicable
to organic cultivation.

Bio Terra Plus consists of 100% natural substances and may therefore be used in organic cultivation. Bio Terra Plus is composed of high-quality peat types, such as the nutrient-rich and airy white peat.

In addition to the airy structure of the white peat, the substrate is also characterised by the natural mould-killing effect of the pieces of tree bark mixed in. Bio Terra Plus is pre-fertilised with organically certified ingredients such as bone meal, bat guano and various trace elements derived from natural sources.

High-quality raw materials

The "magic formula" of Bio Terra Plus contains only certified organic ingredients:


- The peat used meets the strictest quality specifications and can only be found in a few places in the world. The long fibre structure means that the peat is lighter and much more airy.


- Bio Terra Plus contains a special, high-quality bark. This bark prevents the growth of harmful mould cultures. Lower quality bark, often found in cheaper substrates on the market, often becomes a carrier of harmful pathogens.


- Bio Terra Plus contains COCO, also of such high quality as our premium CANNA COCO product. Due to our special sterilisation method, the unique spongy structure of our COCO remains unaffected. The COCO in the range of most of our competitors is sterilised using steam under high pressure - a method that destroys the microstructure of the substrate.

The composition of materials used in Bio Terra Plus results in an amazingly light potting soil that retains its airy, loose structure.

This unique product sets completely new standards in the potting soil market.

Self-regulating effect

BIO TERRA PLUS is a pre-fertilised potting soil. As soon as not enough nutrients are supplied via the nutrient solution, the plants absorb the required nutrients with a self-regulating effect directly from the substrate - virtually on demand. If the plants receive all the required nutrients directly from the nutrient solution, the pre-fertilised nutrient elements remain longer in the substrate.

This self-regulating effect also depends on certain geographical and climatic factors: in England, the potting soil reacts differently (probably with a slower release) than in Spain, where a warmer climate prevails. This amazing system of self-regulation is only found in our potting soil.

Simply natural - Naturally simple

Due to the self-regulating effect of the substrate and the unique properties of the certified organic fertiliser, growers now have the possibility to cultivate their plants in a natural and simple way.

You have to work hard and do a lot of things wrong to experience a bad harvest with our BIOCANNA products. Due to the unique properties of Bio Terra Plus, growers no longer need to worry about Ph and EC levels of the nutrient solution - the potting soil does it all by itself.

7. Plagron Perlite

Plagron Perlite 10L. For a loose substrate and better drainage.

With Plagron Perlite you can improve the soil structure and loosen up your substrate.

Perlite is
a puffed volcanic rock that has a constant quality, is germ-free and ensures optimal water-air conditions. It also stimulates root development.

Plagron Perlite has the RHP quality mark and can also be used as a hydrological substrate.

Specification: 100% perlite, pH (H2O) 6.5 - 8, EC [mS/cm] 0.0 - 0.1, grain size [mm] 0 - 6, Use/Dosage: Mix 10 - 35% perlite through the soil.

8. Pro Dry Pro Dry Drying Net 55/4

* Drying net with modular adjustable racks. * Stabilizing strap on each rack. * Supplied in practical carrying bag. * For hanging, ideal for in tents. * Diameter: 55cm * Height: about 110cm * 4 layers, each 2 together or separable. * Round, with high edge. Ideal for box sizes from 60 x 60cm Note: Pictures may show a different number of layers or diameter, but of the same type. 

9. Clean Urin THC Urine Test sensitive 25ng

NEW: This urine test has (in contrast to standard tests) a similarly high sensitivity as in the laboratory and therefore fails even with low residues in the urine. Detection limit: 25 ng/ml. Scope of delivery: 1x test strip, 1x detailed instructions. 

10. Boveda Humidipak 4 g / 62%

Bóveda (Spanish for "vaulted cellar") is a bi-directional humidity control product specifically designed for use in countertop and travel humidors and cases. It helps you store cigars in the best possible way.

Each packet contains a saturated solution of natural salts and pure water, protected by a membrane permeable in both directions.

You will never have to remember to refill the water reservoir in the humidor!

Simply place the appropriate number of Bóveda packets in the humidor - done.

They only need to be replaced every 2-3 months.

Bóveda releases processed moisture, so the risk of bacteria, mold or fungus developing in your humidor is significantly reduced, unlike other humidification systems.

Fluctuations in the humidity balance are prevented - so your cigars can mature perfectly!

Unlike conventional humidification systems, Bóveda guarantees a constant humidity level, which preserves the natural oils and sugars of the cigars, allowing them to get better with age instead of losing flavor.

"Bóveda is without question the most effective product to produce ideal aging conditions!" (Carlos Fuente Jr., Arturo Fuente Cigar Company)

This bag is used to humidify humidors and is calculated to reach 62% relative humidity in the humidor. The humidification bag is packed in an airtight sales bag, i.e. when closed it lasts virtually indefinitely. Humidipak offers a very accurate, cheap and easy to use way to humidify his humidor perfectly!