Top-rated products in the Indoor gardening equipment category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Cloneup Rooting powder

Cloneup rooting powder is a highly effective rooting powder for cuttings. The cuttings absorb it well and sprout healthy and strong roots within a very short time. Cloneup contains various ingredients that strengthen and accelerate natural root growth. Dip the freshly cut, dry cuttings approx. 1-2cm deep into the powder, tap off excess powder and then put into the desired medium. It is important to make sure that not all cloneup is stripped off, as the cutting should take root after a few days. For an optimal result, a high humidity and a soil temperature of 22-24 degrees should be present. 

2. Ugro Coco XL Rhiza

UGR XL Basic is a pressed and dried block of UGro standard coconut grit.

With only 28 liters of water, approx. 70 liters of high-quality coco substrate can be produced
within seconds.

UGro XL Basic = 5kg = 70 liters of substrate.

The traditional coco block has been enriched with 5% endo-mycorrhiza. Thanks to the symbiotic relationship with the roots, the Endo- Mycorrhiza fungi allow the plants to absorb more nutrients and more water.

The fungus forms fine filaments that grow through the cell walls and spread into the soil.

Plants inoculated with endo-mycorrhiza also have extended protection against root pathogens and have increased drought resistance.

Want even better results? An even better developed root system? Then you should use UGro Rhiza.

3. Romberg Romberg Bonsai

High quality harvest shears for the demanding hobby gardener. Particularly sharp and durable stainless steel blades. Ergonomically shaped handles with soft anti-slip inlays allow safe, comfortable handling and precise cuts. Ultra-light construction. 

4. Neudorff Neudorff Yellow Sticker

Yellow sticker Beneficial to control flying pests such as whitefly, winged aphid, leaf miner and fungus gnat. Ideal for use on houseplants. Ready to use with odourless, insecticide-free special glue that does not dry out and does not drip even at higher temperatures (e.g. above the heating). Insert 1 yellow sticker per infested plant directly into the potting soil. 

5. Ugro Ugro Coco Small

U-Gro Small is a space-saving coco block. From the 650 gram block of pressed and dried coconut substrate, 11 litres of high-quality U-Gro Standard Coconut Semolina are produced by adding only 4 litres of water. With this Coco Block you get a finely granulated coconut substrate with a low fibre content and high-quality ingredients, which impresses with its high water storage capacity and sufficient air content and thus requires relatively fewer watering cycles. Your plants will be supplied with valuable nutrients by this Coco Block during cultivation or for fertilization.
The coco substrate is suitable for all types of plant cultivation, indoors and outdoors. It is especially recommended for short/seasonal growing cycles. U-Gro Small Coconut Brick is washed with fresh water, buffered and naturally rich in Trichoderma.

6. Romberg Easy

A particularly light and hand relieving harvest shears for the demanding hobby gardener. Especially sharp and durable blades made of stainless steel. Ergonomically shaped handles with soft non-slip inlays ensure safe, comfortable handling and precise cuts. Ultralight construction - incl. spring and safety lock. 

7. HGA HGA Eazy Plug

Organic cube specially designed to ensure optimal germination of seeds or rapid rooting of cuttings. Mixture of peat, coconut fiber, root stimulators, light fertilizer for 2 weeks.Advantages: Easy to use starter cubes. Made from organic material, PH and EC are already optimized. Basic fertilizer for 2 weeks. Fully compostable and biodegradable. For all types of cuttings and seeds. Amazingly fast and vigorous root growth. Ready to use and already moist. Perfect ratio of water and air. Easy and safe planting in soil, rockwool, coco or any other medium. Compatible with all media. Outperforms any other growing medium. Excellent absorbency and water holding capacity. Moisten slightly with water before placing the cutting. Make sure that the cube tray is never wet, but always moist and that the excess water can drain off after watering. The EazyPlug will regulate the moisture balance inside the cube itself. Insert the seeds into the hole and tear off a small piece of the edge of the cube to close the hole and prevent light from entering. Water as described above. 24 pcs. 

8. Pro Dry Pro Dry Drying Net 55/4

* Drying net with modular adjustable racks. * Stabilizing strap on each rack. * Supplied in practical carrying bag. * For hanging, ideal for in tents. * Diameter: 55cm * Height: about 110cm * 4 layers, each 2 together or separable. * Round, with high edge. Ideal for box sizes from 60 x 60cm Note: Pictures may show a different number of layers or diameter, but of the same type. 

9. Hy-Pro Hydro A+B

Most soils for breeding contain insufficient nutrients and trace elements. These are factors that are decisive for the growth and lush flowering of the plants. The nutrients in Hy-Pro are coordinated in such a way that all ornamental plants react optimally under the most diverse circumstances. Take the two component nutrient Hy-Dro A/B. They complement each other seamlessly and thus become a fertilizer that allows ornamental plants on a hydroponic basis to thrive. This high quality product offers many other advantages. Once mixed, the solution will not settle, so a circulation pump is not required to mix the liquid. There are no fluctuations in the pH and EC value (acidity and mineral concentration). This is important because a variation in these values leads to a change in the amount of fluid that the plant absorbs, and this in turn can be seen in the growth. Hydroponics offers many advantages over breeding on normal potting soil. For offices, for example, it represents a maintenance-friendly and thus time-saving solution. We have summarised the advantages of hydroponics here: longer life of the plants and less susceptible to mould, diseases or insect infestation, no acidification of the soil, easy fertilisation, watering once a month is sufficient and the filling knife indicates when watering is necessary, always sufficient humidity and all common ornamental plants feel comfortable with it. Hy-Dro-A/B can be used from the second week of a plant's flowering period, preferably immediately after the root stimulator has been used. 

10. Holos Drying net 4-edge

With the half-open drying net for hanging up you dry your plants gently and space-saving. Ideal for Grow- or DryBoxes.