Spirit levels

A spirit level or bubble level is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb). Different types of spirit levels may be used by carpenters, stone masons, bricklayers, other building trades workers, surveyors, millwrights and other metalworkers, and in some photographic or videographic work. 

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Wolfcraft - Universalwinkel

Wolfcraft - Treppenlehre (5cm)

Laserliner - MasterLevel Box

Technocraft - Digitaler Winkelmesser / Massstab (20cm)

Burg Wächter - Digitaler Messschieber (15cm)

Technocraft - Konturenlehre (15cm)

Toolland - Digitaler Messschieber (15cm)

Sola - Spirit level set BigX focus 3 pieces

Bosch - PAM 220

Stanley - Bandmass Powerlock 5m (500cm)

C.K. - Kombinationswinkel T3579 (30cm)

Stanley - Taschenrollbandmass (500cm)

OPO - Joiner's angle with stainless steel blade

Lux - Comfort (12cm)

OPO - Hedü

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